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  Castle Cagliostro!Castle Cagliostro (DVD)
Steven Spielberg considers this to be one of his favorite films. So do we. This may be one of the greatest action-adventure comedy-romances ever made, animated or otherwise. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki (Laputa, Totoro, Mononoke) it's guaranteed to please everyone who watches it. That action starts five seconds into the film and never lets go, culminating in a fantastic battle that Disney shamelessly ripped off in "The Great Mouse Detective".

Lupin: Our kind of gangsta!Considering the film is over 20 years old, the animation is still amazing even by today's standards – consider the scenes where Lupin drives his Fiat 500 straight up a wall (in the best car chase we've ever seen), or later, where he's scaling the roof of the castle and everything is moving in the frame perfectly – it is just to die for. All this topped with Yuji Ono's inspired soundtrack make this one of the most perfectly crafted and executed films of all time. Absolutely not to be missed.

Ranma 1/2Ranma 1/2 Digital Dojo - The Complete First Season Boxed Set (DVD)
Rumiko Takahashi's most popular series since Urusei Yatsura is about a martial arts maven who has a slight problem -- which he'd prefer to remain a secret – that whenever he gets cold water on him, he turns into a girl! (The unfortunate result of a training accident.) And, if that weren't enough of a problem for the average High School boy, uh... girl, errr, boy, his father is a Panda, his nemesis at school is in love with his female form (not realizing that they are both the same person), he's been forced into a mismatched engagement to a hot-tempered girl, (Akane) and they immediately have a mutual hatred of each other (and every other male now wants to kill him), and there are long-standing rivals trying to take him down for other reasons. Now, if you think this is already too zany, this is only the first episode – it actually gets more wacky by episode three or four...

Did we mention martial arts?!Beware, many episodes to Ranma 1/2 are known to cause fits of hysteria. This boxed set contains the entire first season (18 episodes) of what may be the first ever "gender-bender" comedy. The series manages to poke fun at male/female stereotypes, martial arts, romance, sex, marriage, love/hate relationships, and just about everything you can think of (and some things you'd never think of) – while at the same time it is pulling you into the story and characters. Ranma 1/2 has become one of the most popular anime series on both sides of the globe, with hundreds of episodes produced, OVAs, movies and plenty of other paraphenalia.

Cardcaptor SakuraCardcaptor Sakura Volume 1 (DVD)
This review could be but a single word – UNCUT. Wow, if you thought the series was cool when you were catching it on WB, you ain't seen nothing yet. One of the most popular "shoujo" series ever (up there with Sailormoon), Sakura boasts an impressive, high-budget look, tons of fashion, great music and lots of love. And don't be fooled into thinking you've seen it already – the uncut series is very different from what was broadcast, so much so that you may think you're watching a whole new series, one that is suddenly now deep and understated.

Fashion you won't find at the Gap!Created by a cadre of female artists and writers who go by the name CLAMP, the show (and manga of the same name) strikes right to the heart of every little girl with an understanding that can only come from having lived through it. They know exactly what you're going through and that comes out in every episode. It's not just about capturing the Clow Cards. Anyone who may have watched the Americanized version of the series and felt a little bit cheated, please do yourself a favor and try this DVD out. It will open up a whole new world for you.

Blood - The Last VampireBlood - The Last Vampire (DVD)
This film is more of a preview of the future of anime. This is the way all anime will start to look, as computer animation and cel animation begin to blend more and more until you can't be sure which is which. Certainly one of the most impressive films we've ever seen, the look of the film is nothing short of astounding – you'll actually be asking "how'd they do that?" as you look at each shot. The attention to detail is amazing, even the US Army Jeeps have the correct grilles for the year this film takes place in, and the opening sequences will leave you gasping, while the final battle with the boss Vampire will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Good Looking Goth Anime!Our only complaint is that it's too short! It would be great if they continue this story and make it a series, but the only problem with that would be the horrible expense of continually producing animation with this kind of quality. Nevertheless, as an experiment as to the future of anime, this DVD is most definitely worth having. You will want to watch it again and again, and study it in great detail. It is easily the best looking film since Ghost in the Shell.

Wallace and GromitThe Incredible Adventures of Wallace and Gromit (DVD)
Nick Parks is simply incredible. He took the dying artform of "claymation" and added real film technique as well as amusing stories and characters. If you've never seen the Wallace and Gromit films, you're in for a real treat – these are Academy Award Winning animated shorts, and we must agree with the Academy, because you'll have to search far and wide to find anything better than this.

Gromit enjoying a Manga!You may have also seen his work in various Chevron TV commercials and the feature film "Chicken Run". Everywhere, his touch is evident, although dozens of people labored over hot lights for long hours to make these animated shorts as spectacular as they are.

This DVD contains "A Grand Day Out", which is the first of the Wallace and Gromit adventures, and the crudest-looking, but certainly entertaining. What follows is "The Wrong Trousers", which won a 1993 Academy Award, and is quite possibly one of the best animated shorts (30 minutes) ever made. Finally is "A Close Shave" (which won the 1995 Oscar) which takes the artform to a whole new level of zany action. Recommended Books:
 Hello Kitty!Hello Kitty, Hello Everything: 25 Years of Fun
It's hard to be a fan of anime and not have a soft spot for Hello Kitty! Author Marie Moss (who served as fashion director for Seventeen magazine) has given a voice to the popular cat icon who has no mouth. Ever since she first appeared in 1974, Hello Kitty has stolen the hearts of children, teens, and adults. This lavishly illustrated volume explores the world of Hello Kitty through the years, including her family, friends, and interests, her birthplace, sign, and favorite color.

HELP! I have no mouth!!!Hello Kitty started as a greeting card character but then extended into children's merchandising and fashion. The Kitty logo now appears on a wide range of licensed products. This charming Hello Kitty biography is complemented by color photos of all manner of Hello Kitty collectibles - dolls, toys, pens, jewelry, clothing, comics, backpacks, purses, even refrigerators and toasters, making this book purrrrfect for anime fans.

Nausicaa of the Valley of WindNausicaa of the Valley of Wind, Perfect Collection, Box Set
Today Hayao Miyazaki is probably best known for his films Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service which feature lavish animation and a sophisticated treatment of their young heroes. However back in 1982 Miyazaki found himself with few film prospects, so he agreed to begin work on a manga to be serialized in the popular animation magazine Animage. This series has been collected into four paperback volumes, which in 1,060 magical pages presents a fantastic epic that will have you hooked. The story reminds one of the charm of the Wizard of Oz with the futuristic ecological themes of Dune.

Nausicaa: Our kind of Hero!Set in a future where the world has been poisoned by industrial waste and other ecological horrors, the story is about a young girl in the wilderness fighting giant insects and clashing tribes. Nausicaa is a unusual hero as she is a pacifist who not only rejects violence, but she has a calming effect on both the creatures and people she encounters. Yet she is also an accomplished fighter, which is evident on the rare occasions when her rage overpowers her compassion.

When her beloved Valley faces invasion Nausicaa embarks on a journey to save not only her people, but also the world. The adventures that follow form a tale of honor, compassion, the folly of tampering with nature, and the power of love and friendship. This is a masterpiece of comic art and literature.

The Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop CultureThe Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture
When most of us think about Japanese pop culture images of the Power Rangers, Godzilla movies, and Sanrio products come to mind, however the indigenous pop culture is much richer. Instead of focusing on what the rest of the world has already encountered, Schilling provides an encyclopedic compendium of books, movies, music, comedians, and cultural scandals that have had the greatest impact in Japan. The book provides real depth and analysis in his articles, opening up Japan's rich pop heritage to the world. The book does more than list movements: it provides historical references and connections essential to understanding how these interests developed.

While the book doesn't cover everything, it acts more as an introduction to the subject matter. The book explores important cultural icons, from Misora Hibari and Sazae-san, through Pink Lady and Doraemon, ending with SMAP and Sailor Moon. If you're looking for a primer on Japanese pop culture over the last 50 years, this is the book.

Music and Soundtrack Selections:
 Cowboy Bebop V. 1Cowboy Bebop V.1 [IMPORT] [SOUNDTRACK]
This CD is worth having for Yoko Kanno's extended version of 'Tank" alone. For one thing, the mix is much richer, being produced for a real stereo, and not mixed down for the usually lousy speakers built into TV sets. As a result, there's an entire percussion progression we've never heard while watching the opening to Bebop – even on a good set. It brings the entire range of music more to life than you would have heard on the show itself.

The CD carries a nice balance of jazzy action tracks as well as a good selection of more "bluesy", more mellow material. Kanno's impressive range of musical style and the way she captures different emotions and settings is evident in each track. You can almost smell the leather and feel the spirit of the American Old West in "Spokey Dokey". As you listen, you'll discover that half the reason that Cowboy Bebop is as good as it is – is because the music is just so perfect. Current Issue | Sitemap | The Anime Wallpaper Guide

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