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Anime DVD Reviews
Starship Operators
Starship Operators
Anime DVD Review by Brian Cirulnick

When the Kibi government surrenders without a struggle, it maroons the space cadets in the middle of a training mission. They decide to fight back independently, but without funding, they have no hope of re-supply. Their only solution is to partner with the Galaxy News Network, in exchange for exclusive rights to the action and good ratings. The cadets become, in essence, stars of their own reality TV show - with their lives, and the fate of their homeworld hanging in the balance.

Starship OperatorsStarship Operators took us by surprise by starting out as a slightly dull space drama with generic characters. But then the storyline got underway — and by episode 4 we were hooked. The series is an incredibly clever twist on "reality TV" while also being a tight dramatic space opera (with tons of internal politics) with a mysterious subplot AND scientifically accurate space battles! Read More...

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Doki Doki School Hours (Boxed Set)
Doki Doki School Hours (Boxed Set)
Anime DVD Review by Lawrence Sufrin

You wouldn't know it to look at her. Miko Suzuki appears to be a petite, slight High School student. She is actually in her twenties and she teaches class 2A of the Okitsu High School. In a classroom bursting with unruly teenagers - where hormones and attitudes are running astray - Miko must find her voice and stand her ground in order to do her job. Of course, this isn't easy when she looks younger than many of her students!

Doki Doki School HoursAs if that wasn't enough, poor Miko is also saddled with a class that's terminally weird. They don't have any aliens or demons or witches like they do in other classrooms in other anime shows. They don't need them. These students get really out-there all by themselves. Read More...

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Melody of Oblivion
Melody of Oblivion
Anime DVD Review by Saul Trabal

The twenty-first century is a time that is dominated by the ruling class known as the Monsters. They defeat the human race in a savage war that takes place in the late 20th century - now humans are the underclass to do with as they please.

Melody of OblivionA young man named Bocca discovers that he is one of a series of resistance fighters known as the Warriors of Melos. Armed with mystical powers and a high-tech combat motorbike known as an Aiba Machine, he sets out to master his role as a Warrior of Melos and defeat the Monster King. He is guided by a female apparition known only as the Melody of Oblivion. His companion Sayoko tags along, to act as help (she is adept at pickpocketing), and to search for the mysterious Melos warrior named Kurofune. This warrior is the key to unlocking the secrets behind the Melody of Oblivion. Read More...

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J2 - Siberia Yagyu - Jubei-Chan 2
J2 - Siberia Yagyu -
Jubei-Chan 2

Anime DVD Review by Carolyn Whu

You don't need to see the first Jubei-Chan to love this follow-up, although we recommend you do anyhow! Ultra-sexy Yagyu Jubei's real identity is Jiyu Nanohana, a cute gullible 9th grader (drawn in a completely different style).

J2 - Siberia Yagyu - Jubei-Chan 2As comic relief, we have her fan club of 4 boys that will do anything for their Jubei from fighting off evil samurais to pretending to be household pets to protect her. We also have a beautiful female ninja that Jubei's father drools over and a 300 year old baby-looking mini-ninja that is always following Jubei around.

Ultra-sexy main characters are often juxtaposed with their chan-style alter-personas. This may not sound like it can exist in one anime but J2 made it work! Read More...

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Our Favorite Toys, Models and Gizmos
XB360 Dead or Alive 4
XB360 Dead or Alive 4
Anime Video Game Review by Brian Cirulnick

Team Ninja does not disappoint by bringing us what may be the most balanced, best-looking and most challenging fighter game to date for any platform, ever. Gorgeous graphics, destructible multilevel arenas, online multiplayer challenges and of course, those beautiful girls (wonder if the nude Kasumi code works?) highlight an incredible game engine that may be the finest and most subtle devised.

XB360 Dead or Alive 4Button mashers may find the learning curve steep — this is no ordinary fighter game anymore, instead you must learn to defend yourself while also learning the codes required to deliver stunning combos that will leave your opponent gasping. The online mode is worth it alone - because Tecmo matches you with other opponents of your skill level, allowing you to actually fight instead of just being used as a punching bag. And, have we mentioned that Kasumi still kicks high?

See more images from XB360 Dead or Alive 4... Recommended Books:
The Anime Art of Hayao Miyazaki
The Anime Art of
Hayao Miyazaki

Anime Art Book Review by Brian Cirulnick

This lavishly illustrated book (the release of which, was obviously timed to coincide with the release of Howls Moving Castle) spares no expense to showcase some of the very best of the body of work from the master of anime, Hayao Miyazaki.

The Anime Art of Hayao MiyazakiStarting as a study of the visual language of manga and anime, the book presents an overview of the mediums as a whole including processes involved as part of both traditional cel and computer generated (and computer assisted) animation, but specifically focuses on the output of Miyazaki during his earlier years before the founding of Studio Ghibli. Read More...

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Manga Mania Chibi and Furry Characters
Manga Mania Chibi and Furry Characters
How To Draw Manga/Comics Book Review by Brian Cirulnick

Chibi covers a wide range of hyper-cute characters, from the insanely distorted, super-deformed "large head, tiny body" versions of existing anime characters (used to make funny wisecracks) to the specially designed characters that are *supposed* to look that way within the anime show (Sailormoon's Chibi-usa comes to mind). Chibi style monsters spawned the incredible world of Pokemon, creating a world-wide phenomena.

Manga Mania Chibi and Furry CharactersNow get the handle of how to draw these, as well as sexy cat-girls and other furry (but humanoid) creatures in this new book from Chris Hart. Laced with clear, step-by-step instructions, Chris leads you into this strange world and shows how to induce both diabetic shock from the sweetness of chibi, as well as stir your libido from sultry furry vixens. As with all of his work, it's good reference material as well as a good how-to book because he covers the material in depth. Worth every penny!

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Music and Soundtrack Selections:
Tenchi Muyo!  (English Version)
Tenchi Muyo!
(English Version)

Anime Soundtrack Review by Brian Cirulnick

If you want the songs in their original Japanese; get this album instead, however, this is a good album for a true Tenchi fan who wants to learn the songs but doesn't want to spend time trying to translate it all or learn another language just to appreciate it — after all, many of us now watch the dubbed anime, what's wrong with a dubbed soundtrack?

Tenchi Muyo!  (English Version)Regardless of the language, the music is still good - catchy, bouncy tunes guaranteed to lift you up and make you feel extraordinary. Most of the themes presented on this album are from the OVA series, but give a good overall impression of the music from the Tenchi multi-verse. Tracks from the popular spinoff "Magical Girl Pretty Sammy" are also included, making this one very complete CD, and a great deal at any price!

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