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Casshern Sins
Casshern Sins
Anime Blu-ray Review by Brian Cirulnick

CasshernCasshern Sins is a *reboot* of the 1973 Tatsunoko anime series. And by reboot we mean where they take the old show, and then change so many things about the characters, plot, and feel of the show, you just wonder why they didn't call it something else in the first place, and sold it as an original idea.

A reboot is rarely cause for celebration as you invariably compare it to the original, and then you are immediately biased, as you interpret all the changes as flaws, so the reboot never comes off as deep or as revolutionary as the original. Watching a reboot usually requires an open mind and significant intestinal fortitude. Read More...


Slayers Revolution / Evolution-R
Slayers Revolution / Evolution-R
Anime Blu-ray Review by Laura Aira

SlayersSlayers Revolution and Evolution-R brings the spirit and humor of the Slayers universe back after a long hiatus for the well renowned anime series. The anime returns not having lost a step in its ten year hiatus and returns to give fans the good time that they have come to expect of a show of its caliber.

Gorry Gabriev, Zelgadis Greywords, and Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun all return in support of Lina Inverse who is being arrested for the crime of well... being Lina Inverse. A new character by the name of Inspector Wiser leads the case against her and soon the group learns that another new character named Pokota, a living small stuffed animal with large ears and incredible magic ability is behind the framing of Lina Inverse. As the story moves along Lina Inverse and Company learn that Pokata's true motive is to restore his virus stricken village to a time of peace that it once cherished and to do so they must call on an old and powerful villain, The Red Priest. Read More...


Anime DVD Review by Linda Yau

MagikanoHaruo Yoshikiwa is just a normal geeky male student who goes to high school and lives with his three pretty younger sisters. One day he notices a girl that attracted his attention. The wind whooshes, cherry blossms blow, her hair/skirt is blown and in the next instant she disappears with a mysterious smile. The next day that same girl introduced as Ayumi Mamiya — a transfer student. After school, she appears at Haruo's home as a maid, and it seems as though there is an agenda that only Haruo can fulfill for her.

Haruko doesn't realize this, but apparently he is the wielder of an untapped powerful magic. The watcher of this anime would learn that nearly all the females around Haruo's life are witches or magic users, from his sisters, to the school's teacher, classmates.


Master of Martial Hearts
Master of Martial Hearts
Anime DVD Review by Brian Cirulnick

Master of Martial HeartsThere's enough cheese here to make a fondue for the entire planet. Remember that "Dead or Alive" video game where girls fight girls? What made that game so great? Girl on girl action, cute babes whacking the hell out of each other, often while wearing the most revealing outfits (which soon inspired the bikini-volleyball classic!)

Well, despite the cheezy title, Master of Martial Hearts (yes, that's really the title) is exactly like that game, with the added bonus that; as the girls fight, their costumes get torn and ripped in various places... Which soon leads to more fanservice than most of us can handle. Read More...

Master of Martial Hearts
Anime and J-pop Music
  Godzilla Type-66 Maser Cannon 1/48 Scale R/C Kit

Godzilla Type-66 Maser Cannon 1/48 Scale R/C Kit For me the heart of any decent Godzilla film is a wide arrange of highly detailed miniatures that Godzilla winds up stomping on. The level of detail in this radio controlled model blew us away: The controller allows you to raise and lower the cannon itself, rotate the turret, and of course turn on the pulsing maser device! Recommended Books:
Street Fighter Complete
Street Fighter: The Complete History
Anime Video Game Book Review by Linda Yau

Anime Video GamesStreet Fighter: The Complete History is a book that is chock full of fantastic images, and some information on character backgrounds. There are also extra mentions on fan driven influences such as styling your hair in a Guile style, photos of a female Chung-Li cosplayer, and mention of gaming tournaments that was influenced by this series. What also got to me was the mention that there were specific type of character gamers — a Ryu player or a Blanka player, or a Honda player — or just being a fan for a certain character, because of the nation that they're from. Read More...

Anime Video Games

Qwaser of Stigmata
Qwaser of Stigmata
Manga Review
by Brian Cirulnick

Qwaser of StigmataQwaser of Stigmata has a parental advisory and it sure needs one. Our protagonist, Mafuyu, seems to spend half the manga in her panties and bra, that is, when she's not completely naked. But that's not her fault, as the battles she gets into seem to happen at the most inopportune moments (don't you hate it when that happens?). See, she's busy protecting her cousin Tomo, who seems to be getting all the attention of school bullies as well as sinister villains with bizarre intentions. Read More...

Qwaser of Stigmata

Tales of Agriculture

Manga Review
by Linda Yau

Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture is a college slice of life drama that is from the prospective of Tadayasu Sawaki, who has the ability to see micro-organisms in real life. He is the second son of an agricultural family, so he's expected to inherit the family business. Still, he doesn't think much of his talent, but it is considered to be worth about three million in academic worth in lab equipment. Who would want to steal or use his talent? Or even then... what would happen to Sawaki in his academic trek? Surround him with an eccentric cast of supporting characters microscopic or human and this lifts the series up. Read More...


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