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Anime DVD Reviews
Anime Review by Karen Gellender

Steins;GateSteins;Gate should probably win some kind of award for being the most confusing show about time travel ever- and we say this as big fans of Doctor Who. However, we would also happily nominate Steins;Gate for an award for having some of the best characters ever; we were usually too busy enjoying watching the kids from the Future Gadget Lab do their thing to mind how confused we were. While the story may have suffered in the conversion from a visual novel to a 24-episode anime series, and feels a good deal more convoluted than it probably should, the great cast ensured that this was one of our favorite anime not just of 2011, but overall. Read More...


Squid Girl
Squid Girl
Anime Review by Karen Gellender

Squid GirlSquid Girl is one of those anime where it's fun to just spell out the premise. "It's about a half-girl, half-squid from the sea who comes to invade the surface world to get humanity to stop polluting the ocean, only she ends up working as a waitress at a noodle shop because she's afraid of this one girl who knows karate." Try to explain this to people who aren't very familiar with anime, and watch them swear that you are making it up and that this summary could not possibly describe a real show. The more anime-savvy will probably believe that Squid Girl is a real show, but they'll still look at you a little funny. Read More...

Squid Girl

Yumeiro Patissiere
Yumeiro Patissiere
Anime Review by Karen Gellender

Yumeiro PatissiereHere's a word to the wise: if you're trying to lose weight, don't watch Yumeiro Patissiere. After watching Team Ichigo make all manner of indulgent layer cakes, tarts, and chocolate confections, you are going to want dessert something fierce, and heaven help anyone who gets between you and your sweets. Of course, we rather like our pastries here; those of you virtuous types who usually skimp on the sugar (or perhaps just have much better willpower than we do) may find the show safe to watch on a diet. In addition to its dangerous implications for your blood sugar, this might just be the girliest anime ever- and we mean that in the nicest possible way. Read More...

Yumeiro Patissiere

Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

RedlineEvery once in a while, something comes out that's so innovative, so revolutionary, so over-the-top unbelieveable, it changes anime forever, or creates such a statement that we remember it forever. "Birth" was such a film (from 1984!), with a wildly different visual style that ultimately influenced all of anime, and changed the entire industry.

That is the case with this film, Redline -- seven years in the making, with a thoroughly different take on what "anime" is supposed to look like. If you can imagine a mix of what the Japanese could have done with the "Heavy Metal Movie", combined with Cowboy Bebop, with a little Jack Kirby thrown in for good measure, that'll give you a good idea of what awaits you. Read More...

Anime and J-pop Music

radio Anime
Anime Radio
Digital Download Review by Brian Cirulnick

Toys can now be something digital. We've seen the trending towards digital content, as manga and dvds are replaced by streaming content and downloads. We're also betting that a good deal of you at this point have an iPod Touch, iPad, or Android device, and are using it to access anime-related content. So, we're going to take over this spot from time to time to profile something worth having on your mobile device.

radio AnimeRadio Anime is an app for your Apple iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad (iOS4.0 or higher)) that streams the most popular Anime, J-Pop, J-Rock radio stations in the single application. Kawaii-Radio, Japan-A-Radio, Anime Academy Radio, AnimeSeed, Keiichi.net EXz Radio and many other stations (there are 14 in the version I'm using). Basically if it's out there, this app will bring it to you, with a wide range of anime/J-pop stations to listen to. At a mere 2 bucks for the app, what it provides is pretty decent (while writing this review, I was enjoying a j-pop Lynn Minmay cover!)

The same developer also offers a "Japan Radio FM" app, which streams many "local" Japanese radio stations (for those of you who prefer your music and information from Japan as live and up-to-the-minute as can be), also for 2 bucks.

 Anime.com Recommended Books:
The Akiba: A Manga Guide to Akihabara
The Akiba: A Manga Guide to Akihabara
Japan Travel Book Review by Linda Yau

Japanese TravelFor tech hobbyists or anime and manga otakus, Akihabara is a haven and popular shopping destination. For visitors to Japan, there are many travel guides available as sources, how about adding The Akiba to your reading list of guidebooks? The Akiba presents a unique way of exploring Akihabara through manga. Read More...

The Akiba: A Manga Guide to Akihabara

Cute Pups: Canine Friends and Accessories
Cute Pups: Canine Friends and Accessories
Japanese Crafts Book Review by Linda Yau

Japanese Toys and CraftsDogs are often considered man's best friend, but for people who are allergic or can't own a lovable furry companion, they need to either make do without or go with a purchased stuffed toy. Ultimately though, how about creating your own pup craft? Read More...

Cute Pups: Canine Friends and Accessories

D!rty Japanese
D!rty Japanese
Japanese Language Book
Review by Linda Yau

How to Speak japaneseLearning a foreign language is best conducted through hours of learning from a textbook, but often that is not as productive to getting into the gist of everyday speech. Especially if you as a foreigner get the opportunity to visit the land of the rising sun. How about using some words from D!rty Japanese? While there is some eyebrow raising language, and actions that would appeal more for a grown up situation. Read More...

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Daicon computer animation

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