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  Sixteen Romantic Anime Couples
Who Make Us Swoon!

Feature Story by Karen Gellender

Romantic Anime CouplesThere are too many great anime couples to highlight them all, so we just picked a bunch of our favorites to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. However, like a box of fine chocolates that comes with a complicated chart that explains everything, we’ve grouped them into convenient categories for your perusal. We tried to mix it up, with a flavorful assortment of couples from anime old and new, but if you get angry because your favorite couple isn’t listed here, well, what can we say—make love, not war? Read More...

Romantic Anime Couples

Is This a Zombie?
Is This a Zombie?
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? | これはゾンビですか?

Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

Is This a Zombie?I can only imagine what the first planning meeting for this show must have sounded like... Men sitting around a table, saying "Well, Zombies have been pretty popular in American cinema for more than a decade, and this whole Zombie Apocalypse thing is a big deal, but how can we make our show different?" And then some meek little guy with thick glasses perks up and says "I know, let's make the zombie the protagonist!"

Yes, that's right. This being anime, with everything turned on its ear, we've got a show where the zombie is the hero of the show. Of course, to make him a little more personable, he's not the brain-eating, flesh shedding type that just groans and looks scary; in this case "zombie" seems to merely mean that he's un-dead.

In fact, you'd think he's a normal high-school boy. Except that he was killed by a mysterious serial killer roaming through Tokyo, brought back to "life" by a cute lady necromancer, and is spending his nights searching for his own killer. Read More...

Is This a Zombie?

Toriko |トリコ

Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

TorikoThe premise for Toriko sounds like a bizarre combination of Pokemon and Iron Chef. Seriously, this is not a show for vegetarians -- gotta catch 'em all .... and EAT THEM!

I can seriously imagine this show running on the Food Network, or perhaps the travel channel, where "bizarre foods" is a popular tv show -- but these may be the weirdest, most bizarre foods of all -- Welcome to the Gourmet Age, a time when the world is full of deliciously deadly ingredients that the wealthiest appetites in existence can't wait to devour.

But to put these items on a plate, Torkio must travel the globe in search of these rare items, and in most cases, kill them dead, so they can be cooked to perfection. Mmmmm. Tastes like chicken.

Toriko himself looks kinda' like a cross between Goku from Dragonballz, and Kenshiro from Hokoto No Ken (kickin' it old skool!), except he's essentially a big game hunter who stalks only the most delicious critters. With cowardly but promising young chef Komatsu in tow, the two hope to increase their fame and fortune hunting down even more elusive (and consequentially more tasty, and more dangerous) beasties to serve to the rich and powerful, who hunger for something unique. Read More...


Xam'd: Lost Memories
Xam'd: Lost Memories
Bounen no Zamned | 亡念のザムド

Anime Review by Ben Huber

Xam'd: Lost MemoriesOne of the forgotten BONES anime of the 2000s: oh Xam'd: Lost Memories, we barely knew you. Perhaps this is an exaggeration. Surely many people still remember it, if only for its unique launch method - on Sony's Playstation Network, in America first, too! It was a series of firsts, but did it hold up to scrutiny?

Akiyuki Takehara is a young student living on Sentan Island, preoccupied with his own life. The ongoing war is merely something that is happening "elsewhere." It doesn't affect him. That all quickly changes when a terrorist attack on his bus brings the war directly to him - and changes him forever. He becomes a Xam'd.

His newfound form is confusing and unwieldy, and he rampages about, nearly being caught before a lone girl named Nakiami saves him. She helps him learn to control and understand his strange transformation, while also trying to help stop the war that's rampaging around them. Read More...

Xam'd: Lost Memories

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