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  The Anime Guide To NYC

Article by Karen Gellender

The Anime Guide To NYCNew York may be the city that never sleeps, but it certainly takes the time to eat some curry and read some manga: there's a wealth of Japanese shops and attractions around, provided you know where to look. Whether you're only going to be in the area for a day and are looking for one or two fun things to do near your destination, or you're going be in the city for a while and want to soak up every bit of anime and Japanese culture available, this guide should help get you started. Read More...

The Anime Guide To NYC

Alice in the Country of Hearts manga
Alice in the Country of Hearts

Manga Review by Linda Yau

Alice in the Country of Hearts The title of the classical story Alice in Wonderland should be familiar to people who know English literature or at least the 1951 Disney animated movie. Alice is a girl who follows a rabbit and falls through a hole, arriving at a place known as Wonderland. This is a story that has influenced, retold and has been adapted into all sorts of entertainment media. Alice in the County of Hearts is one such original adaptation that QuinRose has made into a series of video games.

In the manga itself, Alice lands in the Country of Hearts where she meets a colorful cast of characters. While she is an Outsider (a visitor from the real world), she discovers that there are two types of people living in the Country of Hearts, people with Roles like Vivaldi as the Queen of Hearts or Hatter as a Mafia leader, and the faceless population. They live in a world where time is truly random, and lives are seen as a game. Alice knows that she herself is in a dream that she wants to awake from. The inhabitants of this world, all happen to have clocks as their hearts, and all want to befriend or even kill Alice. Read More...

Alice in the Country of Hearts manga

Oreimo manga

Manga Review by Linda Yau
OreimoGrowing up and developing hobbies is expected in this modern society as a way to pass time and provide fodder for socialization. Kyousuke is the typical Japanese student, trying to get good grades and living a relatively normal life with his family. One day though he discovers that his younger sister, Kirino had a secret that ultimately changes his opinions abut her.
Kyousuke's sister appears to be the perfect student with top grades, strong athletic abilities and a successful part time model job. In reality though, Kirino is literally an in the closet gamer otaku with an hypocritical obsession toward the idea of little sisters and games that detail illicit romances with their older brothers. Very 18+ and in real world this is known as incest! This grosses Kyousuke out, and though he gets abused heaped upon him by Kirino, he ends up with trying to support his sibling in this secretive hobby. Read More...

Oreimo manga
Is This a Zombie? manga 
Is This a Zombie? 

Manga Review by Linda Yau
Is This a Zombie? Brains, walking corpses, and mob infestation are vocabulary associated with the subject of zombies. The subject has been around as folklore, but in modern entertainment it has became even more popular with a 1968's produced film: Night of the Living Dead. A zombie is seen as an animated undead being. They are often used as a plot device in the horror genre. Though in this title, the zombie is the protagonist.  
Meet teenager Ayumu Aikawa who unexpectedly gets killed and then resurrected as a zombie. He is either a poor sap or a lucky bastard, because he happens to live with three cute girls who make up the rest of the main cast. Being a teenage boy with plenty of raging hormones, Ayumu happens to have a very rich imagination in spite of the abuse piled on him by these three housemates. He wants to find out who killed him and is a cross-dressing magikewl girl as well. Read More...

Is This a Zombie? manga panel

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