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  The Leading Ladies of GhibliThe Leading Ladies of Ghibli

Anime Article by Ben Huber

While Hayao Miyazaki's filmography is well known for the gorgeous art and stunning animation, perhaps the strongest theme running throughout all his movies are the lead characters: they're always wonderful, fleshed out, and compelling women. These aren't Disney princesses, instead, they feel real and honest. Most of all, they're characters, not cardboard cutouts that resemble a person. Let's take a look at the women of Ghibli. Read More...

The Leading Ladies of Ghibli

The Eccentric Family (Uchouten Kazoku)
Uchouten Kazoku:
The Eccentric Family


Anime Review by by Ben Huber

Imagine if Japanese folklore was real. Just picture if Tanuki and Tengu ran about, living in the world among humans. Got it? Now toss that out, because The Eccentric Family is more unique than anything else airing this season. Brush up on your knowledge of Japanese folklore too, because you'll need it.

Yasaburo is a young tanuki who is the third son of the Shimogamo family. He scampers about, shapeshifting between his various human forms (often taking the form of a schoolgirl), attending to his master (a tengu who lost his ability to fly), and dealing with his family.

Uchouten Kazoku

Astroboy by Osamu TezukaOsamu Tezuka:
The God of Manga and
the Godfather of Anime

手塚 治虫

Anime Article by Brian Cirulnick

Osamu Tezuka: Among newer otaku the name Tezuka might be unknown, or maybe you've heard his name spoken of with great reverence, but you're not quite sure who he is; so let me say now and with great force, so you understand completely and without any misunderstanding that Osamu Tezuka is simply the most important individual in all of anime, as he quite literally invented everything commonly understood as "anime" as far as most people are concerned. Read More...

Osamu Tezuka

Go NagaiGo Nagai: A Manga Legend

Anime Article by Brian Cirulnick

Go Nagai: While the name Kiyoshi Nagai might not be instantly recognizable to you; I practically guarantee you've heard of some of his creations -- Cutie Honey, Devilman, and Mazinger Z; Mazinger being the most notable because it launched the entire "giant robot" genre of manga and anime. Read More...

Go Nagai: Mazinger Z manga cover

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