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  The Hottest Anime Shows for Fall 2013Top Ten Hottest
Anime Shows for Fall 2013

Anime Article by Ben Huber

We're only a full month into the Fall anime season for 2013 but we're already getting a sense of what we like. Here are the top ten series that caught our eye! Read More...

The Hottest Anime Shows for Fall 2013

Flowers of Evil
Flowers of Evil

Anime Review by Karen Gellender

For all the anime series that take place in a middle or high school, very few of them are actually about school-aged teens in a meaningful way. Often that’s intentional; the sparkling clean school buildings of TV anime, filled with bubbly students in crisp, starched uniforms, serve as a pleasant backdrop for any number of fantastic stories, without having to dwell on the tremendous awkwardness that generally comes with being an adolescent. In contrast, Flowers of Evil—an anime that can remind you of actually being in school more than you’d like—is all about that special kind of awkwardness unique to individuals straddling that gray area between child and adult.

Kasuga, our pre-teen protagonist who perches on that razor’s edge between self-loathing and self-worship common to his age, pines after Saeki, the most popular girl in his class. Nakamura, a delinquent-in-training who scares her classmates by giving them death glares and curses out teachers, becomes aware of Kasuga’s innocent crush on Saeki and decides to have some fun meddling with the two of them. Read More...

Flowers of Evil

The State of Streaming AnimeThe State of
Streaming Anime

Anime Article by Ben Huber

It wasn't so long ago that as an otaku you had no legit choices if you wanted to watch anime online, but that slowly is changing. And while the field is still evolving there are quite a few options open.

The State of Streaming Anime

Guilty Crown
Guilty Crown

Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

Guilty Crown looks fabulous. There's a whole range of new animation, art, coloring techniques, and it's gorgeously designed with some exciting futuristic technology, there's simply no lack of production value, so you do need to wonder why oh why they didn't lavish this much *love* onto the script and characters.

Don't get me wrong; it's exciting to watch, there's a ton of action, and trust us, it's pretty to look at. But I keep thinking I've seen this anime before. There are some new twists, of course, but it does follow a familiar pattern.

The story starts off introducing us to Shu Ouma, a High School Student. While working to edit a film he's working on, he happens upon a wounded girl, Inori Yuzuriha (a pop idol singer he just happens to be infatuated with). It turns out she's been trying to deliver a vial to "Gai", who is the leader of a terrorist group working against the current government. However, this terrorist group is a resistance movement, because the government is oppressive. What we haven't been told yet is that the government (called GHQ), has been tasked with eradicating a terrible virus sweeping the country and they are willing to use any means necessary, including the cold-blooded execution of anyone they deem infected.

Guilty Crown

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