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Anime and Manga Reviews
  Cowboy BebopWhy Bebop was Brilliant: Fifteen Reasons Illustrated with GIFs
Anime Article by Michael Pinto

I don't know if it's the best anime series of all time, but to me there's no doubt that Cowboy Bebop is nothing short of brilliant. And the proof to me is that when otaku today wish out loud that there was more high quality anime to watch, they always seem to point back to this Shinichirō Watanabe masterpiece. Read More...

Why Cowboy Bebop was Brilliant: Fifteen Reasons Illustrated with GIFs

Kill La KillKill La Kill
Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

It's pretty rare that a brand-new studio's first project is so hotly anticipated, but this studio is made up of ex-Gainax folks, and the director and lead character designer worked together on Gurren Lagann.  With a dedicated fan-base waiting for something to come and pound them in the head, it's a good bet that this new series, Kill La Kill, is exactly what they were waiting for. Read More...

Kill La Kill

Must Read Manga BlogsMust Read
Manga Blogs

Manga Article by Ben Huber

Manga blogs — it's hard to find quality content on the internet. They're a tightly-knit group of fans and there are a lot of solid sites out there. We've compiled a list of several great manga blogs that'll provide you with great content, articles, and images to scratch that otaku itch! Read More...

Must Read Manga Blogs

Lupin IIIFujiko Mine
Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

"Lupin the III — a Woman called Fujiko Mine" looks more like Monkey Punch's original manga than any other iteration of the franchise we have ever seen. The art may even be described as a manga-in-motion which includes all the hallmarks of manga art such as thick lines, speed lines, cross-hatching shading, and many other techniques that make it feel more a moving graphic than a traditional anime series. As this, it's exciting to watch.

Lupin the III — a Woman called Fujiko Mine

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