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  The Many Moods of Sailor MoonSailor Moon's Many Moods:
Our Goofy GIF Collection

Anime Article by Michael Pinto

The genius of Sailor Moon is that it takes the archetype of Superman one step further: When Superman spends his working hours as Clark Kent he's a mild mannered sort of fellow, but what I love about Sailor Moon is that Usagi is more of a goofy daydreamer that rest of us can identify with. Read More...

The Many Moods of Sailor Moon

The Best Manga CoversThe Best Manga Covers:
Autumn Harvest 2013

Manga Article by Michael Pinto

Sadly there are quite a few amazing looking manga covers that just never get exported from Japan. Sometimes it's just because the manga itself isn't a best seller and other times it's because the manga is aimed at a niche market. But I feel strongly that this wonderful artwork deserves to be appreciated by otaku aboard: So I've gone through every manga released from September until end of November 2013 and selected the very best illustrated cover art. Read More...

The Best Manga Covers: Fall 2013

Cowboy BebopWhy Bebop was Brilliant: Fifteen Reasons Illustrated with GIFs

Anime Article by Michael Pinto

I don't know if it's the best anime series of all time, but to me there's no doubt that Cowboy Bebop is nothing short of brilliant. And the proof to me is that when otaku today wish out loud that there was more high quality anime to watch, they always seem to point back to this Shinichiro Watanabe masterpiece. ō Watanabe masterpiece. Read More...

Why Cowboy Bebop was Brilliant: Fifteen Reasons Illustrated with GIFs

Kill La KillKill La Kill
Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

It's pretty rare that a brand-new studio's first project is so hotly anticipated, but this studio is made up of ex-Gainax folks, and the director and lead character designer worked together on Gurren Lagann.  With a dedicated fan-base waiting for something to come and pound them in the head, it's a good bet that this new series, Kill La Kill, is exactly what they were waiting for. Read More...

Kill La Kill

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