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Anime and Manga Reviews
  Space DandySpace Dandy: First Impressions
Anime Review by Michael Pinto

When Shinichirō Watanabe‘s Cowboy Bebop came out in 1998 it really bought anime to the next level in terms of sophistication, which then in turn helped to usher in a new generation of American anime fans. So with many otaku (including myself) waiting for the next big thing from Watanabe, the level of expectations for Space Dandy are very high.

Adding to the pressure is also the fact that this series has been dubbed into English and shown on Cartoon Network, which is a now a sadly rare thing in an age of streaming video sites. And then on top of all of that, the bastion of mainstream media The New York Times took notice and just ran a feature story on the show which added an extra level of hype that’s never been seen before. So how did our dandy do? Read More...

Space Dandy

Blood-C: The Last DarkBlood-C: The Last Dark
Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

Blood-C The Last Dark is the movie which continues the storyline set up in the TV series Blood-C. And while Blood-C the TV series was a clever juxtaposition of happy-go-lucky Saya by-day; followed by her transforming into hunter-killer Saya by night; and then the entire series turning itself on its ear by revealing that the entire set-up was fake; I'm afraid that Blood-C The Last Dark is a straight up revenge movie with little about it being original or clever.

Saya has made her way off the island, has obviously regenerated the parts of herself that went missing in the final episode, and is looking to kill Fumito; as well as any nasty things he sends her way. It's not a bad action movie, it's just that the events seem trite and the supporting characters are meaningless. This film may be evidence that CLAMP has run its course, and the once popular group has run out of ideas. Read More...

Blood-C: The Last Dark

Future DiaryFuture Diary
Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

Yukiteru is a loser. He doesn't interact with his other classmembers. Yuki keeps a diary on his phone detailing everything he does, with a time and date stamp. He also has an imaginary friend. This friend however, is some kind of demon that controls time and space, and appears to mess with the universe just for laughs.

It turns out his imaginary friend is real. Deus Ex Machina is indeed a god of time and space, and messes with the universe just for laughs. And now he's decided to mess with Earth. You see, what he's done is given Yuki a glimpse into the future via his cellphone. His "diary" starts showing events that haven't happened yet. And loser Yuki suddenly becomes a bit of winner because he knows the future. Read More...

Future Diary

The Many Moods of Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon's Many Moods:
Our Goofy GIF Collection

Anime Article by Michael Pinto

The genius of Sailor Moon is that it takes the archetype of Superman one step further: When Superman spends his working hours as Clark Kent he's a mild mannered sort of fellow, but what I love about Sailor Moon is that Usagi is more of a goofy daydreamer that rest of us can identify with. Read More...

The Many Moods of Sailor Moon

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