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Anime and Manga Reviews
  The Best Manga Covers of Spring 2014The Best Manga Covers
of Spring 2014

Manga Article by Michael Pinto

Here they are — the good, the rad and the unusal — the best manga and anime themed book covers that I've come across in the past month or so. In each case I've noted what I like about the artwork, and why it caught my eye. If you would like to see any of these cover up close, just click on the illustration for a larger sized image. Read more...

The Best Manga Covers of Spring 2014

Anime on YouTubeThe State of Anime on YouTube
Anime Article by Michael Pinto

In the early days before streaming subscription sites like Crunchyroll were around YouTube was quite the hub of anime, however sadly most of it was illegal. Much of that is gone now, although there is still quite a bit of official anime on YouTube if you know where to look for it. In many cases official YouTube channels are used for trailers, however in a few rare cases channels do show full episodes of anime (or even an entire film). In addition to anime, we've also included official sites for videogames and manga since those can be quite interesting to watch. Read more...

Anime on YouTube

Space Adventure CobraSpace Adventure Cobra
Anime Review by Brian Cirulnick

The set-up.... It's the late 1970s, and Buichi Terasawa has an idea for a manga series based on the concept of the spaghetti western, except the whole thing is set in space in the far future.

It's brash, fun, full of sex and violence, and surprise, it becomes one the biggest hits in Japan during the early 80's, spawning an anime TV series and a movie. Yes, this is retro anime time (although you can also go looking for the 2009/2010 anime series if you want a more modern update to our hero, but this review is for the 1982 movie, which I remember seeing at a sci-fi convention while I was still in high school, which is over 30 years ago); but if you're thinking that Cobra looks a bit like Rob in the American TV series 'Mighty Orbots'... well, that's a long story for another time, but suffice to say, yeah, TMS and Terasawa worked on that too.

Space Adventure Cobra

New Sailor Moon Manga CoversSailor Moon Manga Covers get a Makeover
Manga Article by Michael Pinto

While the new Sailor Moon anime series won't go live until July 5th, 2014 the merchandising machine for the franchise is already up and running in full gear! Shown here are the cover illustrations for the re-issued manga series from Kodansha. If you don't mind reading these manga in the original Japanese you can order them from the Japanese website. I really love how they feature a different character on each cover. Read more...

New Sailor Moon Manga Covers

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