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  NichijouWhy My Ordinary Life is an Extraordinary Comedy

Anime Article by Ben Huber

Don't be ordinary! One of KyoAni's best shows in recent memory was their slice of life and comedy show titled My Ordinary Life (Nichijou). It follow three students, Yuko, Mio, and Mai as they go about their absurd daily life, along with Nano (a robot) and the Professor (an 8-year-old genius). Oh, and their cat, Sakamoto-san. It's part gag show, part slice-of-life, and 100% silly. Here's a few reasons why My Ordinary Life is anything but. Read More...

Why My Ordinary Life is an Extraordinary Comedy

The Castle of CagliostroWhy The Castle of Cagliostro
is a Classic

ルパン三世 カリオストロの城

Anime Article by Ben Huber

Recently, the legendary Hayao Miyazaki accepted an honorary Oscar at the Governor's Awards for his incredible body of work. Introducing him was John Lasseter, the head of Pixar and close friend of Miyazaki. Lasseter's done a lot of work bringing Studio Ghilbi's films to America, but he never got to bring over his favorite pre-Ghibli work by Miyazaki: Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro. In his presentation, he spoke of how he thinks it's one of the best films ever made. Here's a few reasons why he's right! Read More...

Why The Castle of Cagliostro is a Classic

Shirobako Shirobako
Anime Review by Ben Huber

Shirobako Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to actually work on creating an anime? All of the jobs, art, music, sound effects, and promotional work? It'd be tough! Now, what if you had to create an anime about making anime? How do you keep it interesting and exciting without devolving into the minute detail of day-to-day tedium? If you're P.A. Works, you make Shirobako.

We're first introduced to five young women in high school. All have strong artistic drives and have worked together in their animation club to create their own short anime. It's not perfect, but it's theirs! It leads them into their future careers, as they all prepare to jump into the rough and breakneck animation industry. Read More...


Durarara!!Why I Can't Wait for
More Durarara!!


Anime Article by Ben Huber

In January, a second season of Durarara!! will begin. Yes, the 2010 madcap anime about gang violence, a headless Irish fairy, and the insane citizens of Ikebukuro will be returning with three cours. If you haven't seen the show before, we highly recommend you catch up as it has a great cast of characters that you'll fall in love with... or love to hate! Whether you've seen the series yet or not, we've got 15 reasons to get ready for more Durarara!! — in gif form! Read More...


Amagi Brilliant ParkAmagi Brilliant Park

Anime Review by Ben Huber

Managing a theme park sounds exciting, right? Sure, it'd be tough, but it could be the opportunity of a lifetime! Seiya Kanie meets Isuzu Sento, a girl who invites him to take over the management of failing theme park Amagi Brilliant Park, in a last-ditch attempt to rejuvenate it. However, Kanie quickly discovers something: the park mascots are real, and this place is more than a little bit magic.

Actually, we may have said "invite" up there, but in actuality Sento is quite forceful, using her magic rifle to coerce Kanie into taking up the management job. It's not easy though, as Kanie, while an intelligent and sharp fellow, is also exceedingly narcissistic and prideful. He regards many people as beneath him, resulting in him not being very popular despite his good looks. Frankly, he's a bit of a jerk, but it makes him much more interesting than your typical protagonist. Read More...

Amagi Brilliant Park

Celestial MethodCelestial Method

Anime Review by Ben Huber

A flying saucer hovers above a city ominously. It never moves, never changes — it just sits there, sparkling and glowing. That sounds like the start of a sci-fi action or horror film, right? What if we told you instead it was the opening of a slice-of-life show featuring middle-school girls and their daily lives? Yup: that's Celestial Method. Let's jump into this unique little show!

Celestial Method is based off of a premise by Naoki Hisaya (who also came up with Kanon), so it has the privilege of being one of the few original shows this season. It's produced by a new studio called Studio 3Hz. All of that combined could mean a lot of things (and greatly increases the risk of failure), but they've done a solid job on the first few episodes. Read More...

Celestial Method

Mushishi: The Next ChapterMushishi: The Next Chapter

Anime First Impressions by Ben Huber

Mushishi has returned! After the well-regarded first season in 2005, many didn't expect to see any more of Ginko's adventures, but we're glad to be wrong. Nearly 9 years later, we're getting to watch a second season of Mushishi, covering the rest of the manga. If you're already a fan, you probably don't need any encouragement to head over to Crunchyroll right now. If you haven't yet jumped into the world of Mushishi, let us tell you all about it.

Mushishi is set in a vague, imaginary time between the Edo and Mieji periods. You're never given a solid date or year, leaving the timeline as ethereal as the main character, Ginko. This traveling medicine man drifts from place to place, meeting people and curing them along the way. He's not into traditional medicine, though: he's into mushi. Mushi are creatures that exist between the real world and the realm of the spirits. Often unseen by the average person, but can have very real effects on them. Read More...

Mushishi: The Next Chapter

Why You Should Rewatch Samurai ChamplooWhy You Should Rewatch Samurai Champloo

Anime Article by Ben Huber

Hopefully by now you've seen Shinichiro Watanabe's fantastic 2004 anime series Samurai Champloo. If not -- go pick it up and watch it now! It has a slick combination of Edo-era Japan, hip hop, and stylized animation that'll have you glued to the TV and bopping in your seat to some amazing tunes. If you've already seen it: good job! Here's a number of reasons why you should pop the soundtrack back into your playlist and then rewatch the whole series again! Read More...

Why You Should Rewatch Samurai Champloo

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