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Birdy the Mighty
Birdy The Mighty: Decode
Birdy the Mighty: Decode
Anime DVD Review

The first Birdy, an OVA named "Double Trouble" was spectacular, with well choreographed fight scenes and some heart-stopping animation. This new TV series actually appears cheaper despite about a decade of technological progress (i.e. I think the original was cel-painted, and this is done on computers)... I guess that's what you get when you start outsourcing anime.

Still. I really enjoyed the first Birdy, so the TV series hit familiar ground right away by killing off the male protagonist almost immediately, so that Birdy has to bond with him, and you've got two minds in the same body. Same old shtick, but at least they started to expand upon the characters and situations (Birdy has her own "Earth-Girl" career as a idol/model while Senkawa has a girlfriend), as they had a lot more time on their hands due to the longer running time of a series versus an OVA.

Birdy the MightyAdditionally, to fill out the longer running time of the series, there have been quite a few plot points and twists added. For example, Birdy claims to be able to restore the body of Senkawa and she takes the body to her home planet where it can be regenerated. However, there's adventures awaiting them both there as well, involving a terrorist plot and a subplot concerning some mysterious allies.

Overall, Birdy is an enjoyable romp, that, while not as intense as the original OVA, definitely has enough going for it to fit into the franchise and brings enough new and original to the table that it doesn't feel at all like a re-boot. She's cute, she kicks-ass a plenty and uh... she's cute!

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, January 2011

Birdy the Mighty - Double Trouble
Birdy the Mighty - Double Trouble
Anime DVD Review

Super-Excellent-Action abounds in this OVA series that is done with a surprising amount of humor and taste. Birdy is an intergalactic cop who accidentally kills an innocent bystander — bumbling high-schooler Tsutomu, and she is forced to "merge" with him to save his life. Suddenly Tsutomu finds that there's another person living inside him — and it's a girl!

With fight scenes and costuming reminiscent of Gatchaman, the series has a lot going for it. Tsutomu's English voice actor does a superb job of making him really seem pathetic, and as such, he and Birdy become the perfect "Odd Couple". Director Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll, Bloodlust) never let's it get dull, the action is either comedy or brilliantly done fights. "Birdy" is an often overlooked jewel in the anime bin — don't let this get away from you.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, May 2004

Birdy the Mighty

Birdy the Mighty

Birdy the Mighty

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Birdy the Mighty

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