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Blood - The Last Vampire
Blood - The Last Vampire
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Blood - The Last Vampire
Anime DVD Review

This film is more of a preview of the future of anime. This is the way all anime will start to look, as computer animation and cel animation begin to blend more and more until you can't be sure which is which. Certainly one of the most impressive films we've ever seen, the look of the film is nothing short of astounding – you'll actually be asking "how'd they do that?" as you look at each shot. The attention to detail is amazing, even the US Army Jeeps have the correct grilles for the year this film takes place in, and the opening sequences will leave you gasping, while the final battle with the boss Vampire will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Good Looking Goth Anime!Our only complaint is that it's too short! It would be great if they continue this story and make it a series, but the only problem with that would be the horrible expense of continually producing animation with this kind of quality. Nevertheless, as an experiment as to the future of anime, this DVD is most definitely worth having. You will want to watch it again and again, and study it in great detail. It is easily the best looking film since Ghost in the Shell.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, June 2002

Below: A character design sheet from Blood the Last Vampire.

A character design sheet from Blood the Last Vampire.

Blood - The Last Vampire

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Blood - The Last Vampire

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