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Blood Plus
Anime DVD Review

Blood+ is aptly named, because there is plenty of it. It's like blood on high octane gas.

If you remember the truly groundbreaking, visual orgy that was the 45-minute OVA "Blood The Last Vampire", then be aware that this series, Blood Plus, is meant to be a continuation of the events that unfolded there, although it seems as if the series has nothing to do with the OVA, except that there's a sword-wielding chick and nasty, evil, blood-sucking monsters, as well as copious amounts of bright red cel-paint splattered all over the screen.

Blood+ follows the horrific exploits of unwitting vampire exterminator and amnesiac Saya as she struggles to recover her past and escape her future. A mysterious organization has been experimenting with vicious, blood-sucking monstrosities named "Chiropterans" and several have been unleashed upon the city. Saya is the only one capable of bringing death to the vile creatures (via a huge sword, of course) and must assume her purpose as killer and savior.

But of course, she has no interest in being a vampire-slayer, but when push comes to shove and she is cornered, her eyes turn red, the blood-rage consumes her and she transforms into a demon-killer the likes of which have never been seen before.

Cartoon Network's (Adult Swim) mega-blockbuster super-amazing ultra-awesome panache-laden sword-wielding hottie and her kick-ass friends have no lack of production value and the seamless blend of computer and hand drawn animation is truly breathtaking at times, and Blood+ retains enough unique scenarios and plethora of characters and twisting subplots to keep us fanboys interested and slathering at the screen. In short, it's plenty fun to watch and unless you're dead already you'll find it immensely enjoyable.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, July 2008

Below: Scenes from Blood+.

Blood Plus

Blood Plus

Blood Plus

Blood Plus

Blood Plus

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Below: The Adult Swim promo for Blood+.

Below: A promotional poster and artwork for Blood+.

A promotional poster for Blood Plus.

Blood Plus

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