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Burn-Up Scramble
Burn-Up Scramble - Angels Attack
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Burn-Up Scramble -
Angels Attack

Anime DVD Review

The Warrior Strike Team Girls are back in all their, err, bouncy goodness — Rio and her exploding temper, Maya and her high tech weaponry and now Lilica the psychic wonder. And we still don't know how Rio lost her virginity. This adult-oriented anime (16 and over) is funny and full of action. It's good to have them old girls back. Wait, Rio, I didn't mean old, ahhhh!
Burn-Up Scramble
The first 4 episodes are filled with fighting (mostly Rio and her temper) with explosive action. Maya is pretty smooth and calm but deadly with eagle eye accuracy. Lilica comes in on the last episode and then the humor really roars. Right off the bat, Rio is kicking her boyfriends, um, ex-boyfriends' butt all over. Rio goes up against a biker gang, a Mobile ATM robbing machine, a mad bomber and a peeping tom thief.

Burn-Up Scramble - Angels Attack

Reviewed by Jose Gonzalez, February 2005

Burn-Up Scramble

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