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Space Pirate Captain Herlock/Captain Harlock
Space Pirate Captain Harlock
Space Pirate Captain Harlock
Anime Review

The coolest thing about Crunchyroll may be that, in addition to seeing some of the latest and greatest anime, we are also treated to some old-school classics. And here's the most classic-classic of them all: Space Pirate Captain Harlock, probably the most iconic, most kick-ass, and all-time coolest anime series ever.

Featuring the formula that would forever provide the direction that literally all other anime would follow, it takes place in a future time where a complacent Earth faces an enemy from another world, and a lone hero and his crew must stop them, while also avoiding the authorities, who misinterpret his actions as criminal mischief.

Space Pirate Captain HarlockAnd of course, because he stands on his own two feet, and chooses his own course in life rather than the one society would burden him with, he must be put down for the sake of society -- a common theme in all adventure tales and one of the basic tenants in the forging of a hero.

The good Captain's battle with the Mazone is one of Matsumoto's finest creations. The Arcadia gets an impressive facelift in later incarnations of this series, but right here, in the original series is where you'll find the heart and soul of all that is Harlock. Don't even dare miss it.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, January 2011

Space Pirate Captain Herlock
Space Pirate Captain Herlock -
The Legend Returns

Anime DVD Review

Kick up your feet, sit back and relax. Get re-acquianted with an old friend. The Leiji Matsumoto time-honored classic Captain Herlock returns to DVD in an exciting new series of adventures, once more bringing together Matsumoto and fellow collaborator Rin Taro.

Captain Herlock and his old crewmates reunite after spending a long period apart, and find themselves facing an ancient evil - one that has been awakened by man's incessant push into deep space. It's guaranteed to be a series you'll want to revisit, over and over again.

Reviewed by Saul Trabal, April 2004

Below: Scenes from the classic 70s version of Captain Harlock.

Scenes from the classic 70s version of Captain Harlock.

Space Pirate Captain Herlock

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