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Chobits (Volume 1)
Chobits (Volume 1)
Anime DVD Review

It's a geek fantasy come true, she's a beautiful girl -AND- a personal computer. Pioneer's release of fan-favorite robot-girl series Chobits is a charmer, and not just because it's funny and full of fan-service, but (if you can wait until the REAL story around episode 10), it's a marvelous and mysterious animated essay on man's love-affair with technology. Created by CLAMP (who seem to be capable of doing no wrong), the series is insightful and intriguing with good balance on the characters.

ChobitsPioneer has done an excellent job on the dubbing, and the DVD contains a few nice extras. After you've sampled the first disc, you'll be dying for more, and of course, who could live without *also* having the soundtrack and manga? If you liked Video Girl Ai, you'll love Chobits.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, October 2003

Chobits Manga Volume 1
Chobits Manga Volume 1
Manga Review

It's a geek fantasy come true - she's a beautiful girl and she's also a personal computer! Produced by the fantastic females at CLAMP, this amazing manga series (distributed by Tokyopop) tells the tale of an A.I. with a dark secret and the boy who loves her.

Chobits is toooo cute!As is typical for this group, the to-die-for artwork is accompanied by an astoundingly complex and subtle plot, with many twists and turns, and a warmth and heart that is true classic CLAMP.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, May 2003

Chobits BGM
Chobits BGM
Anime Soundtrack Review

We admit it, we think Chobits is the best thing since Video Girl Ai. Just stamp the big "L" on our foreheads and lets be done with it. In our never-ending quest for everything Chobits, Pioneer has helped us get our fix with not just one but TWO soundtrack albums for car-stereo enjoyment or fine home listening.

ChobitsFrom the bouncy opening theme to some of the more twisted tracks, you'll end up with a pretty good overview of some of the incredible music that lives behind the TV Series. And, as every character has their own "theme" (as do the various persecomms), there's plenty of music to go around. If you can't get enough Chobits, then these albums are your cup of tea.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, November 2003


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