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Cyber City
Cyber City Collection
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Cyber City Collection
Anime DVD Review

It's the year 2808. You're a criminal that has been sentenced to several hundred years in prison. In order to make use of your talents, you're forced to become the long arm of the law. You're outfitted with an explosive collar that is set to blow off your head unless you comply with orders from your superior.

That is the premise for this bone-crunching, ultra-violent Anime noir flick, loaded with characters who are sadistic and cunning, giving this film depth and texture. Three criminals-turned-cops stumble upon a plot by the government to create a lethal army of super-cyborgs that are equipped with psychic powers. Under orders of their superior, the three must put a stop to the government's plans — or die trying.

Reviewed by Saul Trabal, October 2004

Below: Scenes from Cyber City.

Cyber City

Cyber City

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