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DNAngel mangaDNAngel
Manga Review

Teenager Daisuke Niwa finds out one day he has an interesting problem-at night, he transforms into the master phantom thief named Dark. Dark happens to be part of the Niwa family from Daisuke's past. Daisuke has fallen in love with a girl named Risa Harada, and even stranger still, Dark has fallen in love with her twin sister, Riku.

When either Daisuke or Dark spot the object of their love, they change into their counterpart. The only way to end this curse is for Daisuke to have his love returned. This proves to be one bear of a problem, since Risa has no interest in him whatsoever. Daisuke also tranforms into Dark at night, committing robberies. To make things more difficult, he has to keep from being caught by Satoshi Hiwatari-a fellow classmate who also has an association with the police. This is the plot of the bizarre, yet intriguing manga called DNAngel.

DNAngel mangaIt's a story the grabs the reader from page one, taking you through a dizzying maze of plot twists, always keeping the reader on their toes-never quite knowing what's coming up next. The beautiful illustrations convey the sense of urgency and scope of what Daisuke must face. He's challenged every step of the way-from his dealings with friends and family, to his internal struggles with the ghost of Dark.

Will Daisuke be able to resolve his dilemma, and fulfill his other desires? That remains to be seen-but the road to resolution is bound to be an interesting and fascinating one, as Daisuke encounters different people along the way. It's a journey of self-discovery, dealing with the complexities of love and the struggle of coping with internal strife. It's an unforgettable tale that you simply won't get enough of. Pick up your copy now!

Reviewed by Saul Trabal, January 2010

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D.N.Angel Complete Box Set
Anime DVD Review

DNAngel is a fan-favorite anime — try and imagine Ranma 1/2, but with the added twist that whenever the hero (Daisuke Niwa) thinks about the girl of his dreams (Risa Harada), he becomes another person, Dark Mousy, a phantom thief. And his mom is using his alter ego of "Dark" for her own nefarious scheme.

D.N.Angel Now of course, Risa is in love with the elusive and sly Dark, but not with Daisuke, and when Daisuke tries to make her fall in love with him, all it ends up doing is transforming him into Dark! And it gets even more complicated from there. Don't miss this exciting and romantic comedy-adventure shoujo series based on the international best-selling manga series by Yukiru Sugisaki.

Below: Scenes and promotional artwork from D.N.Angel.



Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, February 2006


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Below: The English opening titles for D.N.Angel.


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