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Demon Lord Dante
Demon Lord Dante - Dante Resurrects (Volume 1)
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Demon Lord Dante -
Dante Resurrects (Vol. 1)

Anime DVD Review

Teenager Ryo Utsugi has been disturbed by nightmares of a gigantic devil-creature who hunts down and murders young girls. Before he can pass this off as a sign of puberty, news arrives that young girls are indeed being brutally murdered.

Demon Lord Dante - Dante Resurrects (Volume 1)In no time, Ryo discovers that he's caught in the middle of an epic war for possession of planet Earth. On one side stands a satanic cult bent on resurrecting the hideous Demon Lord Dante. On the other side is a secret cadre led by Ryo's own father. Can Ryo make sense of things before it's too late? Why does he get the sinking feeling that he might be a demon himself?

All of this should tell you one thing. Go Nagai is back in town. Yes, this series is based on a manga drawn by the creator of DEVILMAN. It's jam packed with demons, monsters, naked ladies in peril, and a whole lot of the ultra-violent. Sit back and enjoy the ensuing carnage. They just don't make Armageddon like this anymore.

Demon Lord Dante

Demon Lord Dante

Reviewed by Lawrence Sufrin, October 2004

Demon Lord Dante

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