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Desert Punk
Desert Punk: Box Set
Desert Punk
Anime DVD Review

Everyone thought Desert Punk was a legend, a mirage borne of the desert that bounty-hunts his way through towns. Most people that have fought the Desert Punk say that he is a ghost. The small group of people that have been saved by the Desert Punk say that he is a small, money grubbing, opportunistic a**hole.

Bounty hunter is rather loose term for Desert Punk. If you are willing to pay, he is willing to do... ANY-thing. He is willing to take on gangs of crazy pudding loving hoodlums that have overrun the desert. He is willing to help repossess homes. He is willing to team up with other serious bounty hunters to bring in serious dough. If you offer enough, he is even willing to help kitties get out of trees and grandmas cross the streets, too.

Desert PunkThe people that know him... actually there's no one that seems to have seen the "real" him. Supposedly, there was a girl with gargantuan knockers that took a look at his real face once and started laughing. Laughing hysterically.

Overall, Desert Punk is cute in a violent, pervy sort of way. There is just something that "clicks" about Desert Punk that would make you start liking it slowly episode by episode, unless of course, you've got a problem with a hero who gropes any girl unlucky enough to cross his path.

If you liked Trigun, you'll see a similarity in a hero that appears lame and dorky that everyone seems to aspire to, and turns out to be pretty cool. We say this is worth a look.

Reviewed by Carolyn Whu, October 2007

Below: Scenes from Desert Punk.

Desert Punk

Desert Punk

Desert Punk

Desert Punk

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Below: Opening titles from Desert Punk.

Below: Promotional artwork from Desert Punk.

Desert Punk Promotional Artwork

Desert Punk Promotional Artwork

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