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Domo the MangaDomo the Manga
Domo the Manga
Manga Review

There's sort of been an underground cult of Domo for many years now, but it appears that Domo is becoming mainstream. Domo is now everywhere, and this fun, harmless, approved for all ages Domo manga is yet another log on the fire that is the merchandising of a character that resembles a fudge brownie with arms, legs and a wide-open maw full of teeth.

Don't expect an in-depth plot, and I'd be shocked if there was enough for Domo to do that a second volume would be required. Nevertheless, Domo appears to be catching on, and, although he's no "Hello Kitty" quite yet, the collect-a-thon of Domo paraphernalia can start right here, right now.

Domo the MangaEven more frightening is that by the time this review is online, a DVD full of Domo animated shorts will be available through your local 7-11 stores. How's *that* for the power of Domo Nation and the sticking power of a simple NHK-TV mascot. Elvira, eat your heart out, Domo is coming to town.

Below: A sample page from the Domo manga.

Domo the Manga: sample page

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, October 2009

Domo-kun 12 inch plushDomo-kun 12 inch plush
Domo-kun 12 inch plush
Anime Toy Review

If you don't know who Domo-kun is yet, shame on you! Simply *the* most popular character since Hello Kitty, Domo-kun is everywhere! Originally created as a mascot for Japan's NHK television station, and appearing in several 30-second stop-motion sketches as Station Identification Domo-kun is wildly popular (imagine if SNL's Mr. Bill had become a national phenomenon). Domo's offical site is : domomode.com but there's a USA site as well domonation.com

However, enjoy this 12 incho Domo-kun plush in the meantime. Excellent for curling up to sleep with while you dream of eating Japanese-style meat and potato stew.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, November 2008

Below: Images of Domo Kun.

Domo Kun

Domo Kun


Domo Website Links:

NHK's official Domo webpage (Japanese and English)

Official U.S. Domo website (Domo Nation)

NHK's Domo-kun and Friends

Frequently Asked Questions about Domo-kun

TOKYOPOP's official Domo manga preview

Wikipedia entry for Domo

Below: Episode one of Domo Kun.

Below: Episode two of Domo Kun.

Below: Episode three of Domo Kun.

Below: Episode four of Domo Kun.

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