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Gad Guard
Gad Guard
Gad Guard
Anime DVD Review

This uber-cool series brings us back to the days of Gigantor, when humans didn't ride inside the robots but on them. The robots, called Techode's, are about 2 to 3 stories tall, and are born from a jewel-like stone that when touched by someone they begin a spiritual bond. Hopefully it won't happen near your brand new car due to all metal objects being sucked into a large whirlwind as the Techode begins to take form! Unlike Gundams with superior fire power, these guys go at it with just hands & fists.

This is a very cool anime with very nice opening sequence and score. It is very smoothly directed with an easy-to-follow the storyline. The hyper kinetic battles are rife with CG enhanced animation courtesy of the animation mavens at Gonzo.

Gad Guard

Gad Guard

Reviewed by Jose Gonzalez, September 2004

Gad Guard

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