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Giant Robo
Giant Robo : Day the Earth Stood Still Box Set
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Giant Robo:
Day the Earth Stood Still Box Set

Anime DVD Review

It is a new dawn for mankind. The Shizuma Drive has brought clean, limitless energy and launched humanity into an age of prosperity. But even in paradise, there lurk the shadows of envy and greed. The world is protected by the Experts of Justice, a team of operatives assembled from around the globe to stop the ultimate disaster of the Eternal Night. The key to everything however, is a boy named Daisaku Kusama, and the great machine he commands...
Giant Robo: Old School Anime!
Yahoo!!! One of our favorite anime flicks finally gets the treatment it deserves by making it to DVD. Giant Robo will simply blow your mind. It's like old-style anime with a big budget, and was the first of the "retro-look" animes to inspire such awesome creations as Big O. Excellent in every way, this series is not to be missed — especially not fan-favorite super-hottie Ginrei!

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, December 2004

Giant Robo

Giant Robo

Giant Robo

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Giant Robo

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