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Gun Sword
Gun Sword
Gun Sword
Anime DVD Review

What happens when you mix Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Outlaw Star, and have the first episode rip off the plot of the Road Warrior (but with Giant Robots) and the overall story arc resembles the film Kill Bill? Well, you get Gun Sword, of course! The wild frontier just got a whole lot wilder!

Combining a space western theme with frenetic, hyperstylish action and wanton destruction fed by a thirst for vengeance, our hero Van (shouldn't that be Vaughn?) is on the trail of the man with a claw for a hand (who killed his bride), and our hero has a shape-shifting sword and a Giant Robot that comes down to him from orbit when he needs it (sorta' Big-O style, but in reverse). But heck, this guys kicks serious ass with just his feet.

Gun SwordThe world of Gun Sword erupts from the creative forces of some of animes best-known names, and takes the danger, excitement, style and reckless mecha mayhem of anime to the next level of heart-stopping action to create a bone-chilling, thoroughly entertaining revenge epic.

Of course, he's stuck with a cute kid as a traveling companion, and every other episode he gets to cross swords with his femme fatale (and perhaps partner), who's a stunning hottie and seems to wear less with each passing episode. Hell, she should get her own series.

Gun Sword is a gumbo-style stew that's a mixture of everything that's good about anime, and this simmering pot of plot is sure to explode with furious action as the heat is turned up and Van gets closer to his nemesis upon whom he has sworn redress. We can't wait to see how this turns out!

Review by Brian Cirulnick, July 2006

Below: Character design sheets from Gun Sword
Gun Sword
Gun Sword

Gun Sword

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Gun Sword

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