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Hamtaro = Anime Hamster
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The Official Hamtaro Handbook
Anime Book Review

"Little hamsters — big adventures!" is the tagline for Japan’s most popular children’s series. So of course might be in a rush to purchase an unofficial guide to Hamtaro, but what fun would that be? The Cartoon Network has produced an official guide to the series which features cute hamsters as heros.

The entire Hamtaro gang is all here — ten-year-old Laura, her inquisitive pet golden hamster Hamtaro, and the infamous Ham-Ham crew — get the royal treatment in this colorful, comprehensive guide. The handbook includes biographies of all the characters, a synopsis and guide to each episode of the series, the words to the theme song, and even a lesson in how to do the official Hamtaro Dance! Also included are a dictionary of the Hamtaro language, clips of the anime, a map of the town, a family tree, stickers, and a Hamtaro comic.

Below: The Hamato universe is inhabited by many cute litle fuzzy critters.

The Hamato universe is inhabited by many cute litle fuzzy critters.

Reviewed by Michael Pinto, September 2002


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Hamtaro the Movie Wallpaper

Hamtaro on the march!

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