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Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty USB 2.0 Flash Drive 256 MB
Hello Kitty USB 2.0 Flash Drive 256 MB
Anime Toy Review

There are a lot of character-based flash drives now available. From Star Wars to Snoopy, you can find a flash drive for just about anything that strikes your fancy. And speaking of fancy, for this price, it had better come with a real kitty. 256MB flash drives can be had for practically nothing (flash-based devices are now getting so cheap, people are talking about them replacing hard drives, particularly in laptops), we're not sure what makes this one so expensive -- must be the Sanrio Tax...

Regardless, if you simply MUST have everything Hello Kitty (and trust me, there are people like this in the world), then this flash drive rules. How are you NOT getting through life without this?

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, September 2008

Hello Kitty Wrist Watch
Hello Kitty Wrist Watch
Anime Toy Review

The wristwatch is a dying device. Most people we know use a cell-phone as their time-keeping gadget, because it's handy, it's accurate, and usually has an abundance of extra features such as an alarm clock. Nobody should ever need to strap a tick-tick-tick watch to their wrist.

Unless of course, you're out to make a statement. Unless of course, you're out to separate yourself from the herd, stand above the crowd, proclaim to the world that YOU ARE DIFFERENT!!!!! You are an individual and you have your own sense of style!

And what could be more stylish than a kitty with no mouth? An adorable Hello Kitty watch, who'll make you smile every time you check the time. Stand out and be noticed.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, January 2008

Hello Kitty Toaster
Hello Kitty Toaster
Anime Toy Review

Nothing makes breakfast more joyful than the image of Hello Kitty burnt onto your toast. It would be like a day without Orange Juice (nobody reading this is going to get that joke!). When you bite into head, you just have to wonder... She has no mouth, so can she scream? Kitty looks better with grape jelly all over her (I just know that sentence will get me in trouble with Homeland Security).

This colorful 2-slot toaster browns Kitty's sweet face onto every slice of bread. The appliance features 7 shade settings and 4 toasting modes: bagel, defrost, reheat and cancel. (What kind of toast is "cancel"?) Extra-wide slots let you warm thick slices, and a removable crumb tray makes cleanup easy. The decorative cool-touch exterior looks cheerful on your countertop, and has cord storage in the base. The perfect addition to any cute kitchen.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, December 2006

Hello Kitty : The Remarkable Story of Sanrio and the Billion Dollar Feline Phenomenon
Hello Kitty:
The Remarkable Story of Sanrio and the Billion Dollar Feline Phenomenon

Anime Book Review

I have no mouth and I must scream! Some adore her. Others cough up fur balls over her overwrought cuteness. She's studied by marketing pros, cultural anthropologists and those who are just plain fascinated by Japanese cute culture and the weird fads that drive commercial civilization.
Hello Kitty!
This book tells the fascinating inside story of how Sanrio parlayed a cartoon kitty into a ferocious multibillion dollar global enterprise. Readers learn how and why the Hello Kitty brand clicked with children and adults, across cultures, and how it continues to successfully compete, internationally, with Disney and Warner Brothers. This book is packed with valuable lessons about the awesome power of branding, marketing, and licensing to capture the hearts and minds of consumers. Kitty is one powerful cat.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, December 2003

Hello Kitty!
Buy from Amazon
Hello Kitty, Hello Everything:
25 Years of Fun

Anime Book Review

It's hard to be a fan of anime and not have a soft spot for Hello Kitty! Author Marie Moss (who served as fashion director for Seventeen magazine) has given a voice to the popular cat icon who has no mouth. Ever since she first appeared in 1974, Hello Kitty has stolen the hearts of children, teens, and adults. This lavishly illustrated volume explores the world of Hello Kitty through the years, including her family, friends, and interests, her birthplace, sign, and favorite color.

HELP! I have no mouth!!!Hello Kitty started as a greeting card character but then extended into children's merchandising and fashion. The Kitty logo now appears on a wide range of licensed products. This charming Hello Kitty biography is complemented by color photos of all manner of Hello Kitty collectibles - dolls, toys, pens, jewelry, clothing, comics, backpacks, purses, even refrigerators and toasters, making this book purrrrfect for anime fans.

Reviewed by Michael Pinto, June 2002

Below: Hello Kitty Wallpaper!

Hello Kitty Wallpaper

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Website Links:

The Official Sanrio Website: Home of Hello Kitty

Sanriowave: Official community of Hello Kitty fans


Hello Kitty Hell (blog)

Article: Kitty collector plans afterlife
"Her life's dream is to live in a Hello Kitty-shaped house, with two ears sticking out of the roof. But her ultimate wish -- which Sanrio hasn't marketed yet -- is to have a funeral Kitty-style with a Hello Kitty-shaped tombstone."

Hello Kitty: The First 30 Years (Japanese)
Flash rich website with tons of Hello Kitty pictures, if you don't read Japanese you still have quite a bit of Kitty fun clicking around

Sanrio Puroland
If you're visiting Tokyo you can go to this cute Hello Kitty all-indoor theme park

Hello Kitty Club (Japanese)

Kitty Item (Japanese)
The ultimate Hello Kitty store with everything from Hello Kitty items for your automobile to your bathroom!

Article: Lovely Cute Sleeping Princess, “Pajama Sisters”

If you like Hello Kitty you'll love the Pajama Sisters (note: This page was taken down so this link goes to archive.org - I wish nArtBox would put the Pajama Sisters back on the map)

nArtBox: Greeting Cards Website (Korean)
A wonderful greetings card website from the makers of the Pajama Sisters

Below: Opening title from the Hello Kitty television show.

Below: A Hello Kitty bathtub toy from the 80s .

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