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Ikki Tousen
Ikki Tousen Volume 1
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Ikki Tousen Volume 1
Anime DVD Review

Hakufu Sonsaku has a killer bod. Literally. But, don't let this buxom blonde's ditzy nature fool you. She's a fighter, not a lover. She just transferred to a school where there's a war going on. The town of Kanto has been locked in bloody, hand-to-hand conflict for generations.

Ikki TousenThe combatants are designated by the strange jewels they wear. These jewels purport to carry the souls and skills of fighters past and Hakufu has a jewel just like theirs. Could she be the descendent of a legendary unbeatable warrior? Action, cleavage and panty shots abound in a cartoon series based on a manga by Yuji Shiozaki (which is availble in America from TokyoPop as Battle Vixens). Bones break and bosums heave in the rollicking fanservice-style of Agent Aika. Fight on Hakufu!

Below: Scenes from Ikki Tousen.

Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen

Reviewed by Lawrence Sufrin, November 2004

Ikki Tousen

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Ikki Tousen

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