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Initial D
Initial D
Initial D
Anime DVD Review

There's anime for every type of interest, be it sports, dancing, vampires, monsters, historical dramas, space, robots, pirates or wavy-haired psyonics. Not all anime is meant to appeal to everyone, just as not every TV show on American TV is meant to appeal to everyone.

Initial D is NOT anime for anime fans. It's an anime series (and manga series) made specifically to appeal to gearheads, street racers, and anyone who loves stuff that goes vroom-vroom.

Initial D the anime seriesIf you're someone who likes turning a wrench, or just has a need for speed, then Initial D is going to be THE series you want. This show is all about illegal street racing, drifting, and the actual physics of driving. The vehicles are realistic and the racing is so real, you'll think the cars aren't going fast enough (as is overdone in Fast and Furious movies).

But I have to tell you, the show is damn effective to those of us who it's targeted towards. No sooner had I watched three episodes than I wanted to go out and start making racing mods to my car. Just don't blame your speeding tickets on us!

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, July 2010

Below: Images from the anime series Initial D.

Initial D

Initial D

Initial D - Battle 1 - Akina's Downhill
Initial D - Battle 1 -
Akina's Downhill

Manga Review

Just as Speed Racer introduced the "older generation" of anime fans to fast cars driven by cartoon characters, Initial D is the version for the next generation of anime fans.
Initial D - Battle 1 - Akina's Downhill
Featuring CGI race scenes based on actual tricked-out cars, Initial D is the Fast and the Furious of the animated breed. Illegal Street Racing is the backdrop against which we are drawn into the story of Tak, and how he and his Toyota Trueno AE86 will go up against all odds as he spins out, learns to drift, and punches through the RPMs on his way to the top.

Based on a driving game of the same name, the series is flashy and fast paced and gives in to it's videogame roots. If you like fast cars and fast action, if the sound of Type-R with NOS gets your blood pumping, then this series is for you.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, January 2004

Initial D

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Below: A Initial D manga cover.

A Initial D manga cover.

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