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J2 - Siberia Yagyu - Jubei-Chan 2
J2 - Siberia Yagyu -
Jubei-Chan 2

Anime DVD Review

You don't need to see the first Jubei-Chan to love this follow-up, although we recommend you do anyhow! Ultra-sexy Yagyu Jubei's real identity is Jiyu Nanohana, a cute gullible 9th grader (drawn in a completely different style). As comic relief, we have her fan club of 4 boys that will do anything for their Jubei from fighting off evil samurais to pretending to be household pets to protect her. We also have a beautiful female ninja that Jubei's father drools over and a 300 year old baby-looking mini-ninja that is always following Jubei around.

Ultra-sexy main characters are often juxtaposed with their chan-style alter-personas. This may not sound like it can exist in one anime but J2 made it work!

As if this wide assortment of characters and styles isn't already hard to handle, J2 also throws in camera angles as if the anime world is alive and being filmed. What they see on their television is us real people, just as we view them, anime, on our television. J2 even snuck in a scene using hand puppets! Visually, J2 covers every way to draw a character from a simple sketch to the traditional comic/manga styles to digital rendering. J2 guarantees: Never a dull moment for your eyes and ears!

Reviewed by Carolyn Whu, March 2006

Below: Character designs and a scenes from J2.




Below: An animation cel from the original Jubei-Chan series.

An animation cel from the original Jubei-Chan series.


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Below: Character designs from the Jubei-chan manga.

Character designs from the Jubei-chan manga

An animation cel from the original Jubei-Chan series.

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