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Kannazuki No Miko
Kannazuki No Miko
Kannazuki No Miko
Anime DVD Review

If the idea of hot chicks slugging it out in giant robots turns you on, here's a series to get your engine revving. Kannazuki No Miko - Destiny of Shrine Maiden - Solar Priestess - Volume One may be the longest name ever for a DVD, but once you get past that, it's really a pretty cool series about coming of age, only to learn that the fate of the universe is in your hands (as if the trials and tribulations of being a teenager weren't bad enough).

Himeko's sweet sixteen turns sour when a mysterious mark appears on her chest, proclaiming her the Solar Priestess and harbinger of the eight-headed beast. And then things get distinctly darker from there. To make matters worse, her best friends are battling for her affections - as well as against the pull of the heavenly bodies that prophecy their own involvment in the world's end.

Kannazuki No Miko is an intense and apocalyptic exploration of the universal trials of growing up, with the added pressure of battling with giant robots to determine the fate of the universe. With plenty of explosive action as well as a generous dose of fan-service, this series is bound to please most anime fans (well, most MALE anime fans!).

It's kinda' like SailorMoon meets Evangelion meets "X".

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, June 2006

Below: Scenes from Kannazuki No Miko.

Kannazuki No Miko

Kannazuki No Miko

Kannazuki No Miko

Kannazuki No Miko

Kannazuki No Miko

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Kannazuki No Miko

Kannazuki No Miko

Below: Japanese DVD and CD cover art from the Kannazuki No Miko series.

Japanese DVD and CD cover art from Kannazuki No Miko.

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