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The Knockout Makers
The Knockout Makers
The Knockout Makers
Manga Review

This shows you just how much we take computer technology for granted these days. The Knockout Makers are, for all intents and purposes, guerilla makeover artists. Their website is accessible for only ten minutes ever night at midnight. Young girls who feel that they are desperately in need of their services have only this window of opportunity to contact them asking for their help. Only a few clients are picked.

All of this is explained in the manga without any shots of the website in question. Indeed, we don't see a computer or any of that. It is just assumed that the reader knows what all these things are. One can only wonder what this page of the comic would have looked like twenty years ago (or even ten years ago).

Anyway, The Knockout Makers is a manga by Kyoko Hashimoto. It details the exploits of three beautiful young men out to bring beauty and self confidence to girls who truly need it. They're out to take "ugly ducklings", and make them graceful swans. This means more than a facial, an exfoliating, and a healthier diet. It also means bringing out the subject's inner beauty. They mean to build up their target's self-esteem. Show them that they are all ready beautfiul creatures to begin with. They have to give themselves the chance to show it.

Each installment of the series is a stand-alone story involving the girl selected by our heroes for renovation. We are given instructions on how to properly apply make-up and maintain a healthy complexion. We also get into the characters psyche to find out how her mind and soul can attain the happiness she deserves.

It's all in a day's work for Toshihito Sakuma, Noduo Shitakawa and Ryouhei Matsuda. They are three Prince Charmings out to make girls even more charming. Cheer them on in their mission of beauty. And their subject better watch what she wishes for. She just might get them.

The Knockout Makers

The Knockout Makers

Reviewed by Lawrence Sufrin, June 2008

The Knockout Makers

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