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Anime DVD Review

Haruo Yoshikiwa is just a normal geeky male student who goes to high school and lives with his three pretty younger sisters. One day he notices a girl that attracted his attention. The wind whooshes, cherry blossms blow, her hair/skirt is blown and in the next instant she disappears with a mysterious smile. The next day that same girl introduced as Ayumi Mamiya — a transfer student. After school, she appears at Haruo's home as a maid, and it seems as though there is an agenda that only Haruo can fulfill for her.

Haruko doesn't realize this, but apparently he is the wielder of an untapped powerful magic. The watcher of this anime would learn that nearly all the females around Haruo's life are witches or magic users, from his sisters, to the school's teacher, classmates.

MagikanoEach episode of Magikano covers a different scenario surround a normal Japanese high school's life, where the gaggle of girls would always compete and fight over the right to appear in their best form in front of Haruto. Toward the ending is when things get action intense. Gurren Laggen anyone?

There was a running gag, where characters would introduce props that resemble a shopping network infomercial. There are some funny parts, such as the random magical accidents, but there are also parts that make you want to grit your teeth, and ask why this joke is repeated over and over, such as the daydreaming scenes. It is not as funny, after you have seen another form it reproduced in the series.

MagikanoCat girls, maids, witches, swimsuits, panty shots, parodies, sister complexes - mostly anything cute, that would appeal to the moe-aspect of a male fan appears in this series. The only thing that was not present as much, as the sight of a girl wearing glasses. This is a very culture oriented series. I am stressing that this is a very culture oriented series.

On the whole, Magikano is a series with appeal type of being a magical girl, harem, comedic show. Other similar types of shows that fans who have previously enjoyed, Love Hina, My Bride is a Mermaid, Ranma 1/2 or the like.

Reviewed by Linda Yau, October 2010

Below: Scenes from Magikano.

A screen from Magikano

A screen from Magikano

A screen from Magikano

A screen from Magikano

A screen from Magikano


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Below: Japanese DVD and CD cover illustrations for Magikano.

A Japanese Magikano cover

A Japanese Magikano cover

A Japanese Magikano CD cover

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