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Mars Daybreak
Mars Daybreak
Mars Daybreak
Anime DVD Review

The comedy-adventure Mars Daybreak takes place in the future, when Mars has somehow been covered by oceans (those terra-formers did the job a little too well!)

Life on Mars is hard for those who live here. As the economy worsens, work becomes scarce and food becomes expensive and highly prized. Cheerful ne'er-do-well Gram River can't find a job in the collapsing Martian economy. When he falls into the sea while escaping from a heist, he lands in a conveniently placed "RB", a sophisticated underwater mecha. A natural pilot, Gram fights off his pursuers — and joins the pirates aboard the Ship of Aurora.

Mars DaybreakCaptain Elizabeth's jolly crew of misfits robs the occupying Earth military to help the needy (a futuristic Robin Hood of sorts). Gram's new calling puts him in conflict with Vestemona, a no-nonsense young lieutenant from Earth with whom he shares an "interesting" past. Despite not wanting to break the law, he soon starts to enjoy the adventure-filled lifestyle of being a pirate — plus, it turns out he's good at it.

Mars Daybreak is fast-paced and fun, with lots of exciting underwater mecha battles. The comic interaction among the crew members will appeal to fans of Patlabor. That's because Gram isn't a self-important, bratty teenager (but no less hotheaded), and the rest of the cast seem to want have fun more than wage war. Sentiments like these run right through the length of the series, even through the darker bits, and lend a light-hearted feel to most of its storytelling. Most of the characters are enjoyable to watch, and almost no one comes across as being genuinely evil (even though they try hard).

Mars Daybreak is a refreshing spin on the "Pirates on Mars with Mecha" storyline in that it takes a more fun approach and still winds up being insightful without being moody or depressing. The production values are excellent, and the quality of the work remains consistent throughout the series.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, June 2007

Below: Scenes from Mars Daybreak.

Mars Daybreak

Mars Daybreak

Mars Daybreak

Mars Daybreak

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Below: The Mars Daybreak trailer.

Mars Daybreak

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