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Munto 2: Beyond The Wall of Time
Munto 2:
Beyond The Wall of Time

Anime DVD Review

Munto was so popular in Japan that this 2nd episode was funded by the fans!

Two years have passed since the catastrophic event known as the "Continent's Dropping" from the first OAV episode. Yumemi still has not forgotten her ability to see the world above, but now she's in the last years of middle school, tests and real life have taken over. When King Munto first appeared and demanded her help to save his world, she refused out of fear and has regretted her weakness ever since. Unknown to the people of the world, Akuto the world still thrives, but the war rages on. In need of help, Gaz sends Munto down into Earth once more to find the "Girl of Destiny" in order to save Heaven from its ultimately demise. Yumemi must once confront the only world she sees, and not even her friends Ichiko and Suzune can help her. Can she find within herself the strength to save his world and hers?

MuntoWith its quirky nature in pacing and design, Munto 2 is a unique OVA that finds a new ways to do things within the classic restrictions of storytelling. Having the first OVA episode gets you into the groove of it, the second episode right afterwards manages to build upon that pace and style rather than coming in cold. Each of them are well enough tied to each other that the primer in the extras section does help but we think the entire episode before this one would work far better (CPM should consider a dual-disc release).

The quality of the production is outstanding. The world that these characters in habit in the Magical Kingdom and other realms is so richly realized, wonderfully detailed and executed.

Munto comes across as a fable that's been told for generations with a modern-day Earth substituted for medieval times. The fable element to the show gives it the ability to do whatever it needs to in order to tell the story while making leaps of faith and logic that a stricter series would be unable to do. This also gives it a timeless quality, much like many of Miyazaki's works.


Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick , June 2006

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Anime DVD Review

Nice anime about a young girl with psychic abilities and a world linked to our by magic. She is the only one who is able to see this world. Only her closest friends believes she sees this world even though they can't. She has been having strange dreams and in her dreams she sees King Munto. Apparently she is the key to save the Magic Kingdom. No not Disney!

King Munto's world is being taken apart. His enemies are destroying the pillars that seem to hold this world apart. King Munto takes a daring chance and plunges to our world. Yumemi's world. But he can not reach her. She sees him and he can see her but they are of different realms. He demands her powers but she has no clue what he is referring to. He needs her Akuto energy.

The fight resumes in the heavens above and soon King Munto must battle in the world below. His enemies send a powerful battle-bot to stop and destroy King Munto. Being in our world he has become weak and it is now he needs Yumemi and her hidden powers the most.


Reviewed by Jose Gonzalez, June 2005


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