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Outlanders (20th Anniversary)
Outlanders (20th Anniversary)
Anime DVD Review

Boys and girls? Get ready, get set, start drooling. This anime has everything: explosions, beautiful naked alien women, evil villains, and one Earthling that is surrounded by all of it. It might not be as up-to-date visually as the new animes that are out these days but this is an oldie but goodie.

Alien princess, Kahm, comes to Earth looking for a suitable husband. After destroying tomcats, helicopters, tanks, and soldiers galore, she grabs a photographer, Tetsuya, to be her husband-to-be. Think of Heather Graham in a Xena costume or even Princess Leia while she was held captive in Jabba's lair and you might get an inkling of how cute, yet hot, the princess is.

OutlandersIf you like Princess Leia as she is, you might prefer the princess' best friend Battia. Talk about powerful women: Battia can put down a giant dog alien with a suggestive look of her eye -or- with her battle skills. When these two best friends get pissed off at each other, stand aside men, they are feisty and like to duke it out physically with each other. Dressed or not, they will fight until someone goes down.

If you are a girl and you think there is nothing in this anime for you, there is candy for boys AND there is candy for girls too. Visually perhaps nothing, but the guys are silly putty in Kahm and Battia's hands; what will they be in yours? Tetsuya, the unwilling husband-to-be, is a wuss but he's willing to change for his woman. He knows his combat skills are nothing in comparison to Kahm's but he's willing to learn and die to protect her and her dignity.

He's going to prove that he is worthy of her love and devotion. The giant dog alien? Now that's one for your imagination to run wild with. Strong, towering over everyone, crass, heart of gold, defers to women, has a ship of his own to command. Doesnít every girl hope for a spunky bad boy rebel that listens to no one but her?

Reviewed by Carolyn Whu, May 2006

Below: Scenes and animation cels from Outlanders.




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