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Read Or Die
ROD the TV - Original Soundtrack
R.O.D. the TV — Original Soundtrack
Anime Soundtrack Review

This aggressive, stylish, jazzy soundtrack has all the earmarks of a score for a James Bond Movie. Tight strings reinforced with brassy highlights, underscored by an electronica rhythm, it sounds like it's trying to burst out of its shell.

Read or DieFortunately, it's tempered by eerie, mysterious, dulcet tones that conjure up images of fantasy and magic - which is appropriate, given the fact that it's all for Read Or Die, the TV series based on the OVA about 3 sisters who can make paper objects come to life.

Sheer fun and the "spy music" sound make this OST a winner even if you've never seen the series (but we highly recommend that you do -- it's a blast!). We're big fans of the classic "Bond" soundtracks, and this BGM Album apes the style perfectly, with style of its own to spare. Pick this up and you will not be disappointed, it's good stuff.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, September 2006

R.O.D. The TV
R.O.D. the TV
Anime DVD Review

The most original and imaginative series we've seen in a long time, Read Or Die (ROD) is about 3 sisters who have a special talent in "Paper Master". Think of it as something like origami coming to life. They can make paper and books turn into animals and objects, from bulletproof dragons to lockpicks.

The story begins with Nenene Sumiregawa, a writer, whose life is threatened by another writer who can't get his books published. Here we see the sisters at work making incredible animals, a bow and arrow that work and even a wall to prevent a blast of shattering glass. One of the most amazing scenes on this DVD is the creation of a large bird which engulfs an airplane and lands it safely on the ground. Based on a popular OVA series, the TV version brings with it all the style and sophistication of the original. This anime is cute, funny and very entertaining. Recommended for everyone!

Reviewed by Jose Gonzalez, September 2004

Below: Scenes from R.O.D. the TV.

R.O.D. the TV

R.O.D. the TV

R.O.D. the TV

Read Or Die

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R.O.D. the TV

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