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Sailor Moon's Many Moods: Our Goofy GIF Collection

Article by Michael Pinto

The genius of Sailor Moon is that it takes the archetype of Superman one step further: When Superman spends his working hours as Clark Kent he's a mild mannered sort of fellow, but what I love about Sailor Moon is that Usagi is more of a goofy daydreamer that rest of us can identify with. In this way Usagi is much more like a modern day female version of Jimmy Olsen. Usagi really likes to read her comic books, play video games and eat yummy food, and it's because of this that as otaku we see ourselves in her role. So when she transforms into Sailor Moon it's all the more special to us, and thus we root for her.

And for me the brilliance of the anime series is that they really went the extra mile bringing out the comedy aspect of Usagi. Prior to this many anime shows tended to be more often than not stiff and serious, and I'd argue that the physical comedy in this show is worthy of the very best of classic Warner Brothers cartoons! So here are just a few of the many moods of Sailor Moon illustrated with gifs:

Usagi can sometimes be just a little bit clumsy

Usagi can sometimes be just a little bit clumsy...

Over confident Usagi

...yet she is always super confident! (honest)

Insecure Usagi

Sometimes fighting evil can make you slightly insecure.

Raheaholic Usagi

Alas the power of the secret crystal doesn't always prevent you from being an occasional rageaholic.

Misty Eyed Usagi

Every so often Usagi becomes just a tint bit misty eyed...

Sad Usagi

...or even sad...

Usagi Streams Tears!

...alright, very very very sad! (do you have any tissues?)

Giddy Usagi

I think Tuxedo Mask likes me, likes me, likes me, likes me!

Usagi with a good manga

Excuse me but this is a very touching manga!

Usagi is in LOVE

I think Tuxedo Mask loves me, loves me, loves me, loves me!

The Many Moods of Sailor Moon

Seething Usagi

Usagi is NEVER angry with her fellow scouts...

Chibiusa makes Usagi upset

...well except Chibiusa! (PS notice how Luna is just focused on nom nom nom?)

Excited Usagi

Did somebody mention ice cream? YES!

Jelous Usagi

Out of my way you little brat I saw him first!

Preening Usagi

Today this princess shall be pretty, witty and gay!!!

Bashful Usagi

What? No I don't have a crush on Mamoru Chiba!

Gobstruck Usagi

Wut? You're kidding me!

Usagi is a bit stressed

Being a schoolgirl can sometimes be — well stressful.

Surpise it's Usagi!

Nobody will notice me in my disguise!

Sleepy Sailor Moon

This sailor scout does not procrastinate!

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