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Sakura Wars
Sakura Wars - The Movie
Sakura Wars - The Movie
Anime DVD Review

It's Charlie's Angels meets The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, when steampunk mobile-suits battle it out in a Victorian-era Tokyo! This feature film, based on the Sega video game and the TV series of the same name, is chock full of excitement and not-to-be-believed action as a bevy of beauties fight invading demons and face internal conflicts within their team.

Sakura WarsComputer and high-quality cel animation are blended against jaw-dropping, stunning backgrounds - the production value of this film is astounding. The retro sci-fi trappings are delightful, particularly in the Rube Goldberg style hardware, and clunky, World-War-1-esque robots. Extras on the DVD are plentiful, we particularly enjoyed the character gallery which highlights some of the great fashion design, and the BG gallery. Sakura wars is fine entertainment for all ages, although there's a good amount of violence, it's fairly harmless as far as most anime goes.

Below: Scenes from Sakura Wars - The Movie.

Sakura Wars - The Movie

Sakura Wars - The Movie

Sakura Wars - The Movie

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, November 2003

Sakura Wars

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Sakura Wars

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