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Scrapped Princess
Scrapped Princess (Manga)
Scrapped Princess (Manga)
Manga Review

And so the Siith Oracle of St. Grendel gave a dire prediction. She proclaimed that twins would be born to the king of Linevan. The baby girl would bring about the end of humanity when she turned 16. The order came down that the female infant must be destroyed (scrapped was the term given). And the order was thought to have been carried out.

This was not, however, the case. The girl lived.

Now, she is fifteen years old. She is frequently seen with a boy and a girl around her age. This pair proclaim themselves her siblings, and have sworn to protect her. They have their work cut out for them, as many an assassin has been hired to make sure the scrapped princess gets scrapped. The brother and sister team must us their swords, their cunning, and their extensive knowledge of magic to fight back.

Excitement and adventure await Shannon and Raquel, as well as their adopted sister, the scrapped princess Pacifica. And the fate of the world they know might depend on the outcome.

Swords flash and spells clash in this terrific manga based on the popular anime series. The richly detailed art is furnished by Go Yabuki. The story is penned by Ichiro Sakaki. Original character design by Yukinobu Azumi. Action/adventure fans as well as old fashioned fantasy mavins will get a kick out of "Scrapped Princess". Let the epic quest begin!

Reviewed by Lawrence Sufrin, May 2006

Scrapped Princess - Family Ties
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Scrapped Princess - Family Ties
Anime DVD Review

Awesome awesome awesome anime is all we can say!!! Scrapped Princess is a wonderful, exciting blend of classic fantasy, science fiction, and drama that is often strived for, but rarely achieved. The world the characters inhabit is thoroughly thought-out & completely realized, and works by a well-defined set of rules. The "lost technology" element of the plot is carefully choreographed into the overall story, rather than simply being a means for the main characters to blow things up with reckless abandon. The characters are fun, well written, and superbly portrayed.

Scrapped Princess Based on the best selling manga series created by Ichiro Sakaki and Yukinobu Asami, Scrapped princess is a superb, gripping fantasy series with a twist you have to see to believe. Guys and gals alike will absolutely love this anime series as it presents strong, exciting characters of both genders, heroes and anti-heroes you want to root for, and an exciting and immersive fantasy world that is sure to inspire video and role-playing gamers for generations.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, December 2005

Scrapped Princess

Scrapped Princess

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Below: Scenes from the Scrapped Princess anime series.

Scrapped Princess

Scrapped Princess

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