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Spirit Warrior
Spirit Warrior
Spirit Warrior - Regent Of Darkness
Anime DVD Review

Good and evil clash once again in their endless struggle for dominance. The setting this time is the country of Tibet. Kujaku, a young mystic, learns that he has a sorceress sister, named Tomoko. A group of Neo-Nazis, led by a man named Siegfried von Mittgard, plan to use Tomoko to revive an ancient evil that will engulf the world. Kujaku must thwart von Mittguard's plans and save his sister.

The scenery is breathtaking and hypnotic all at once; it pulls you into their world. The animation drowns the senses with its scope and grandeur. The story bristles with tension and a chilling sense of foreboding. It takes a classic struggle and reshapes it into a dynamic, captivating spectacle-a gripping tale that is bound to command your attention. In short, this is a film that will no doubt leave an indelible impression on the viewer.

Spirit Warrior - Regent Of Darkness

Reviewed by Saul Trabal, April 2004

Spirit Warrior

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