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Strait Jacket
Strait JacketStrait Jacket DVD
Strait Jacket
Anime DVD Review

Imagine this if you will —— a great experiment is performed that introduces to a modern world the *technology* of sorcery. Proven to be a viable technology, magic is suddenly integrated into all aspects of industry, medicine, entertainment, and the military.

But, the power of such magic comes at a price: like any "technology", it can easily be abused, and humans who do not take the proper precautions and cast too many spells can be transformed into murderous, horrific, uncontrollable demons that then go on a killing spree if left unchecked.

Strait JacketThose who destroy these monsters — and run the highest risks of all — are tactical sorcerists known as "Strait Jackets", specialized assassins (i.e. Blade Runner) with big guns and protective armor.

But when terrorists unleash a plague of demonic carnage, the Sorcery Management Bureau must enlist unlicensed assassin Leiot Stienberg to stop the slaughter. Even if this rogue killer and the mysterious young girl that accompanies him can end the outbreak, will they be able to face their own dark secrets?

Monsters, murder and redemption collide in this explosive anime written by Ichiro Sakaki (who created Scrapped Princess) and based on his popular series of light novels, which have sold more than a half-million copies in Japan.

The English dub is a lot of fun thanks to the sublime casting of Steve Blum (Spike from Cowboy Bebop), who is perfect as the droll, sarcastic and often slightly annoyed emo-anti-hero.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, December 2008

Below: Scenes from Strait Jacket.

Strait Jacket

Strait Jacket

Strait Jacket

Strait Jacket

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Below: A trailer for Strait Jacket.

Below: Promotional artwork for Strait Jacket.

Promotional artwork for Strait Jacket

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