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Time Bokan
Time Bokan
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Time Bokan
Anime DVD Review

It's every Tatsunoko cartoon character for himself! The villains from all the different shows in the venerable Time Bokan franchise compete in the wackiest of all wacky races. It's Winner Take All, in this celebrity deathmatch, and what does the winner take? They take starring roles in the second half of the video. There the villains are called upon to steal the famous Tatsunoko seahorse logo from Tatsunoko World.

Guest appearances abound as every character in Tatsunoko Productions' arsenal flit by the screen. Some you might recognize. (Does anyone not know Speed Racer?) Some you might have a passing acquaintance with (Kasshan). Oh yes, Gatchaman shows up too. And it is Gatchaman this time. They're not G-Force or Saban's Eagle Riders. They're Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, and they refuse to pay their restaurant tab. Go figure.

Time Bokan

Reviewed by Lawrence Sufrin, April 2005

Time Bokan

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