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Tuxedo Gin
Tuxedo Gin Volume One
Tuxedo Gin
Manga Review

And now for something completely different... A boxing penguin and his girlfriend... Really.

Just as he's about to start dating the adorable Minako, teenage boxing champion Ginji Kusanagi happens to die in a strange motorcycle accident. Tough luck dude. However, a strange Buddist angel (Buddists have angels now?) appears, telling Ginji that he died before his time (a paperwork mix-up apparently), and that if he lives out the lifespan of an animal, then he can be reincarnated into his own body.

Tuxedo GinThus, the world's first and only boxing penguin becomes his unwitting girlfriend's beloved pet "Gin". He's still a sentient being, and he thinks like his former self, but there's the problem of those pesky wings, the funny beak, and the awkward noises he makes. His task? To see if love can bloom between a boxing penguin and a beautiful girl.

Tuxedo Gin has a winning formula of romance, comedy, and of course, a cute animal tie-in. What gives this title an almost Rumiko Takahsi appeal is that Gin also meets other reincarnated humans who are living out their lives as animals, so, the story's twists and turns may take you places you weren't expecting! And of course the hilarious antics of Gin as a penguin trying to "protect" Minako from other potential suitors (as she doesn't realize who he is really is), will leave you gasping for air because it's so damn funny.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, October 2007

Below: Two pages from Tuxedo Gin.

Tuxedo Gin
Tuxedo Gin

Tuxedo Gin

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Below: A panel from Tuxedo Gin.

Tuxedo Gin

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