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Manga Review

Sexy, sexy, sexy! Hot, hot, hot! For once I'm not talking sexy for the boys out there. This is for the ladies and the other "ladies" out there. It's a nice change of pace from all the panty shots and huge boobies that are for the boys. Here comes our delectable six pack shots and nice tight ends that you can bounce all your loose change off of all night long.

Sure, Vassalord sounds a little cheesy in the summary. I mean, c'mon, cyborg vampire priest and a playboy vampire? But hold on, aren't you a little curious about how a guy can be part machine, part vampire, AND a priest? Usually "vampire" and "priest" are used to describe two characters that are trying to kill each other and not one single guy.

VassalordHow does being a priest not kill the vampire parts of this guy? I guess he has to be very careful about making sure only his cyborg hand can grab the holy water or something. Does it mean that not only does he need to drink blood but also drink oil or something to keep everything running smoothly? Charley, our cool cyborg vampire priest, stays covered up most of the time but when a button gets blown off in the middle of battle, the pecs starts showing and all hell breaks loose. I wonder exactly what parts of him have been upgraded...

If Charley is not showing enough skin to satiate your eyes, Johnny, the playboy vampire, will make sure that you get more than your moneys worth. If Johnny can walk around naked in his full glory twenty-four hours a day, he would. There would be a slight problem of burning to a crisp in the sun but I have a feeling he would love being hurt so good and so free of things as constricting as pants. Johnny loves Charley so just to keep him from blowing up, Johnny is willing to put clothes on. It doesn't really matter if not all the buttons and zippers are done as long as the clothes are on him, right?

VassalordHe is even willing to be, in his own words, Charley's "bag lunch". Charley doesn't want to distant himself further from God's grace by drinking human blood, so Johnny allows himself to be a buffet table at least once a week. Just lie down or sit comfortably somewhere (like behind some pews in church), maybe a well placed hunger inducing jab at Charley's ego, and Johnny will be pounced on and tapped out.

If this is getting too shallow for you, (I mean, all I'm talking about is skin, skin, skin) and you need something more deep. Don't worry, the stories are all there. Convoluted relationships develop over two hundred years of existence. Johnny knows he's bisexual but is Charley? He likes women, needs to suck on Johnny to live but Johnny's a guy, and of all things he's a priest. Talk about issues.

VassalordJust to add to THAT list: Johnny created Charley so somewhere along the two hundred years, there has to be some daddy issues, too. Since Johnny is obviously older, he must have brought baggage with him like other "children", spurned immortal lovers (double the usual amount since he's bisexual), a twin (who is also a vampire) that he's failed to inform Charley about, and (the biggest secret that ladies like to keep) his real age. At least, Charley knows what Johnny's secret to looking young is.

I've been looking at this manga over and over again for the last few days. Ok, you got me, I've been looking at selected pages of this manga over and over again for the last few days. Bring a towel and prepare to get sucked into drooling over Vassalord.

Reviewed by Carolyn Whu, April 2009

Below: A spread from Vassalord, click to see at full size...


Below: Vassalord features quite a bit of graphic violence.



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Below: Illustrations and panels from Vassalord.





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