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Wicked City
Wicked City
Wicked City
Anime DVD Review

Absolutely one of the most excellent anime films of all time, Wicked City was the progenitor of all gothic-inspired horror/action films that came after (including the recent Blood the Last Vampire). The art is spectacular and unusual because most of the colors are very dark and muted: lots of blues, purples and blacks, which contribute in no small way to the many creepy moments in the film.

Warning - NOT for kids!Highly stylized, slickly drawn and tremendously animated, "Wicked City" revolves around two agents, one Human and one Black World Warrior and their assignment - to bodyguard a bigwig coming to sign a 500-year treaty between the two worlds. Protecting him draws the two agents into a series of exceedingly violent encounters with demon "radicals" who oppose the treaty. But the real way of binding the two worlds together in peace lies with something other than a contract.

Warning - absolutely not for kids as blood and gore fly amid scenes of rape, torture, shootings, slashings, and exploding bodies. It's one of our favorites!

Below: Images from Wicked City (warning: the movie is much more graphic than what we're showing here).

Wicked City

Wicked City

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, April 2003

Wicked City

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