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Manga Review

Super Soldier Serum. Every comic book fan worth his salt knows its potential, and its hazards. Administered properly, you get Captain America. Administered improperly, you get The Man Thing. Dr. Richard Lyndon Wymond was commissioned by the United States Government to take this idea off the comic page, and bring it to reality. He developed a nanite version of said serum at Wytech Labs. The Super Soldier Serum was a four-color fantasy. The Zetta Serum has become a hard hitting reality.

eVExtra-terrestrials have also become a reality. There is an alien starship orbiting planet Earth. Its occupants wish the human race to provide them with a representative for their interstellar congress. Once chosen, this representative would receive that Zetta Serum as protection and aid in this new vocation...

We were having a little trouble picking a representative. Terrorist groups and religious extremists want their own people to take the job. They're killing off anyone we try to pick. The clock is taking and nobody was showing up to take the aliens' challenge. And to make things worse, Dr. Wymond's daughter just got mangled in a car accident. Samantha Evangeline (Evie) Wymond is a perky lass of seventeen years. She's smart as a whip with attitude to spare. Her father couldn't let her die. He injected her with the Zetta Serum.

eVNow, Evie's nanites have given her powers and abilities far beyond those of normal men. Now she's stuck on a lump of rock hanging on the outskirts of the galaxy. Now she must hobnob with alien creatures she once only read about in sci-fi books. And she has discovered that something is very wrong up in space. Something is going on that might doom planet Earth as well as the rest of the universe. A growing evil lurks outside of space and time. If Evie doesn't act fast, it's going to wipe us all out with a whip of its tendril.

This ain't E.T., it's eV! It was created by Roger Mincheff for Spacedog Entertainment. It was developed and written by James Farr. It sports some very impressive artwork courtesy of Papillion Studios. It's a Sci-Fi, excitement that's now being published by TokyoPop. Blast off for adventure with eV!

Reviewed by Lawrence Sufrin, October 2008

Below: Illustrations from the manga eV.

eV the manga

eV the manga

eV the manga


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Below: Promotional artwork and an Illustration from the manga eV.

eV  - the manga

eV  - the manga

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