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Anime DVD Review

A terrifying evil is threading its way across 19th Century Europe. It is snatching the souls of its victims, turning them into monsters called the Akuma. These creatures are controlled by a malevolent spirit called the Millennium Earl.

The only thing stopping them from world domination is a league of exorcists. Among them is a teenager named Allen Walker. He is wise beyond his years and has incredible powers at his disposal-an eye that enables him to see the cursed spirits, no matter what guise they may have. His arm can morph into a claw-like weapon of immense power, capable of destroying the dark spirits.

D.Gray-manThe series is a chilling, devastating ride. Each episode brings about new dangers, new surprises that are sure to keep the viewer off guard and on their toes. The Akuma are formidable, deadly, and extremely resourceful, keeping Allen and his comrades on their toes. There is a dazzling display of action, suspense and tension-all intertwined to create a blistering, pounding experience to the senses that you just never want to end.

You can't afford to miss this spectacular series. It's the classic battle of good versus evil with a spicy twist. Join Allen Walker and his fellow exorcists as they face off against the demon Millennium Earl and his legions of Akuma. It will leave you breathless, emotionally drained, and begging for more.

Reviewed by Saul Trabal, December 2009

Below: Scenes from D.Gray-man.

A scene from D.Gray-man

A scene from D.Gray-man

A scene from D.Gray-man

A scene from D.Gray-man

A scene from D.Gray-man

A scene from D.Gray-man


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Below: Trailer for the American version of D.Gray-man.

Below: The Japanese opening titles for the first season of D.Gray-man.

Below: A promotional illustration for D.Gray-man.

A promotional illustration for D.Gray-man.

Below: A page from a D.Gray-man art book.

A page from a D.Gray-man art book.

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